Reggie Brown

Is Steeler WR Mike Wallace the Real Deal?

Last week, Steeler rookie WR Mike Wallace had 7 receptions and 102 receiving yards on the road vs. the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Steelers lost the game, but the rookie served notice that he just might be a player.  I was impressed enough to scoop him up in my FFL, even though I think the Steelers are at the softer spot of the 2009 schedule and are likely to run the ball more.  I think Wallace is about to do some special things.  Here’s why:

Mike Wallace takes Jonathan Joseph for a ride.


Do Black Quarterbacks Have the Tools to Succeed?

Or, shall I say, “Do black quarterbacks have who it takes to succeed?”

This is not an Al Campanis-type deliberation of personal capacity.  It is a conversation, instead, about whether or not Black quarterbacks in the National Football League are supported by ownership and personnel managers charged with finding solid pass catching talent.  Simply, are black QBs playing with subpar receivers and if so, why?  The truth is, this isn’t a simple question.