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2009 NFL Season: Early Looks with 2 in the Books

The 2009 NFL season is now headed to Week 3.  It is still very early in a season that has yet to reveal its true self.  It usually takes more than two weeks.  With that said, I believe that some early events and trends may be indicators for the long haul.  Some of these events and trends are carry-overs from last season.  Some are as new as Sunday afternoon or Monday night.

1.  The Colts run defense is atrocious. Since his Pro Bowl season of 2005, Colts SS Bob Sanders has missed approximately 27 games.  That is too much time for this elite player to be considered a “reliable” factor in the Colts defense.  Sanders is as likely to play a season as he is to miss a season.  He’s never played 16 games in a season (The Colts routinely held elite players out of Week 17 games under Tony Dungy.) and has played as few as 6 games twice.  The Colts cannot stop the run without Bob Sanders on the field.  The first time this weakness was revealed Jacksonville’s Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew lit up Indy for 303 yards.  Last night, the Dolphins went for 239.  The Colts have neither the personnel, the scheme, nor the inclination to fix this problem.  The only 2009 solution for the Indianapolis Colts is the return of Bob Sanders.  Until then, get used to seeing this team’s Front Seven get mauled. (more…)

2009 NFL Draft — Live Blog

2009 NFL Draft.

Check Meebo for added live commentary.

It’s official.  Roger “Burn those Tapes” Goodell is at the podium.

1.  The Detroit Lions are on the clock.  The Detroit Lions are off the clock.  That was quick.

Matthew Stafford, QB.  Georgia.  The fans at the draft booed this pick.  I agree.  I’m not a hater, but I do not love Stafford.

The Lions always seem to draft like they’ve been backed into a corner.