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2009 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Predictions

If you caught me early last week, I was 3-1 on my playoff predictions.  If you caught me late, I was 1-3.  For reasons unknown to logical minds, I changed my pick in the Eagles-Cowboys game.  I changed that pick from Dallas to Philadelphia — after being down on the Eagles all season, after listing in gross detail the many ways they could not beat Dallas.  I also changed my pick in the Green Bay-Arizona game after hearing that Anquan Boldin would miss the contest.  I originally thought the Cardinals would take advantage of fatigue on the part of Green Bay defenders (specifically, the front 7).

I Could Beat You With One Hand Tied Behind My Back

Dallas Clark Passes John Mackey -- Colts TE Receptions


2009 NFL Season: How the Steelers Can Make the Playoffs

Which way is up?

On, there are over 21,000 comments on the article concerning playoff scenarios.  I can barely remember and article getting so much attention that wasn’t dedicated to the lucrative commercial in images of Black criminality.  Even illegitimate births by scrawny super models with star QB’s don’t get the juices flowing like 2nd rate cornerbacks in strip clubs.  Whomever said “Sex sells,” never had to compete with the All-American psychopathic racial personality.  Now, it seems the only thing to trump the potential for a Negro perp walk is the prospect of making the playoffs.  Isn’t naked self-interest a beautiful thing?  But I digress…

Polamalu: Closer and Closer to Taking the Field


2009 NFL Season: Week 13 Picks

After going 13-2 two weeks ago (missing on Oakland over Cincinnati and Kansas City over Pittsburgh) and following that up with a 10-6 week (including a 41-17 prediction of New Orleans over New England), there is no doubt that I am on fire!!


2009 NFL Season: A Look Back at Week 7

So, how’d I do?

After going 5-8 last week, it couldn’t get any worse could it.  Let me get this out of the way first.  I was wrong about Miami being able to hang on and beat the Saints.  I was wrong about Chicago at Cincinnati…really, really wrong.  Sorry Cedric.  I was a believer at the end of the preseason.  I just slipped.  Next time you all are in New York to collect rent from the Jets, holler!

I wasn’t perfect this week, but I was better.  Heading into the Monday night game featuring the heavily-favored Eagles vs. the seriously-sedated Redskins, I had a record of 7-5. Let’s get to the good.

The Classics

Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Minnesota Vikings 17. I have maintained two things since the beginning of Brett Favre’s flirtations with the Vikings…that this team is going to be a tough out in the post-season and that if the Vikings play teams that Adrian Peterson does not dominate – teams that force Brett Favre to beat them, he’s not going to do it.  I don’t dislike Favre.  For me it’s simpler than that.  Since 1997, he hasn’t won more than one playoff game in any season.  To play in a Super Bowl, the Vikings will need to win 2 or 3 playoff games.  The Steelers allowed 69 rushing yards to Adrian Peterson and the game was put in the hands of Favre to win or lose.

He threw 51 passes.  The chances of losing increase exponentially for most QBs after 45 passes (at least in the post-season).  Favre, for much of the game, did a masterful job of mixing up plays.  The Vikings attacked short and deep.  There are were a few plays where only good fortune and a very strong sun prevented Percy Harvin from dominating the action.  He is a very impressive young player.   The hamstring injury to Bernard Berrian significantly impacted the game.  Berrian did drop an easy pass, but he was otherwise having his way with William Gay.  Berrian’s speed forced Gay to play off — leaving room for underneath routes.  When Berrian went out of the game, Favre was reduced to throwing to Harvin, Sidney Rice (another great game) and Visanthe Shincoe.

The Steelers still have issues.  Rashard Mendenhall is a fumbler — until proven otherwise.  He’s not a nice back who happens to fumble.  He’s not a young power back with great speed and agility who happens to fumble.  He’s a fumbler.  He is a player who jeopardizes possessions each time he touches the ball.  After his Red Zone fumble yesterday, Coach Mike Tomlin went to former Viking Mewelde Moore to hold down the fort.  Moore, of course, is not a powerful between the tackles runner, but he is not a fumbler.

Adrian Peterson Runs Over Steeler RCB William Gay


Overreacting to the Learning Curve: New York Panics

All over the city of New York (and across much of the nation), people are deep in the throes of panic because of some ill-advised throws made by Jet rookie QB, Mark Sanchez.  “The Sanchise,” as he has been dubbed, threw five interceptions against the Buffalo Bills yesterday.  The Jets have lost three straight games and people are concerned that the bloom may be off of the rose.  (And so far from Pasadena!!)

Mark Sanchez: In a Sea of Peril

I think people need to take a few steps back before jumping ship.  Consider this: (more…)

2009 NFL Season: What Week 5 Tells Me

How did they do that?

Is he really that good?

Wow.  I had no idea that team was that solid.

Dolphin tastes more like Shark than Chicken!!

That’s what people were saying on Monday after a week of surprising outcomes.  Perhaps none was more surprising that the score by which Atlanta dominated San Francisco and the method by which Miami defeated the New York Jets.   (more…)

2009 NFL Season: 5 Stats that Surprise

Every season is full of surprises.  Here are five that caught my eye.

1.  Ben Roethlisberger is leading the NFL in completion percentage at 71.6%.  That’s higher than Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner.  Roethlisberger has a 63% completion rate over his career.  The offensive line, which has been so maligned, must be doing something right.


"I've Got All Day!!"


2009 NFL Season: Week 4 – What to Watch For

Five things on my radar this week:

1.  Packers at Vikings. Revenge is a dish best served old.  I have this feeling that the Vikings may not be served by the spectacular success of last week’s win vs. the San Francisco 49ers.  The Niners are a team that lacks the offensive punch and balance of the Packers.  The Niners lost Frank Gore early in the game and were unable to run out the clock with less than 2 minutes remaining.

I am wondering if newly-minted OLB Aaron Kampman is comfortable enough in his new position to bring the pain from the edge.  He was the best DE you’d never heard of for the past three seasons.  He notched 37 sacks playing in a 4-3 scheme.  He’s been moved and has only registered one sack through 3 games.  Does he break out in Minnesota?  I’m sure he’ll want to show former fellow-Hawkeye and current Viking LB  Chad Greenway a few tricks.

I think Al Harris and Charles Woodson are really going to be up for this game.  I think Brett Favre will be so charged up that he will have to work hard to resist his urges to embarrass the Packers.  The men he is most angry with will not be covering Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin.  If Favre loses focus, Harris and Woodson could take him to the wood shed.


2009 NFL Season: Week 3. On the Verge of Getting Exposed

As the 2009 season begins to take shape, there are a few trends that may be emerging.  I believe there are a few players who are on the verge of being exposed.  In some instances, these players “are who we thought they were.”  We didn’t really think they were great.  However, they may have been kept afloat by winning teams.  They might be “good old boys” with a strong fan base and an entourage of media lackeys (image — Ed Werder and Tony Romo; Chris Berman and Brett Favre).

I’m not going after Favre and Romo in this edition.  After all, that’s too easy.  “Back Foot Tony” has never won a playoff game and his idol “Back Foot Brett” hasn’t won more than one playoff game in a season since 1998.

I’d rather start with a guy who was on top of the world in 2008, and appears to be doing just fine right now. (more…)