Jake Delhomme

2009 NFL Season: “The Best Chance to Win”

The Tale of the Once and Future Panthers

“[Fill in name of miserably performing quarterback] gives us the best chance to win.”  This season we heard this repeatedly from Jeff Fisher and John Fox.  They said it week after week after week as if it were the gospel truth.  The Titans lost games where Kerry Collins hardly moved the ball past the line of scrimmage.  Remember the stat line: 2-12, -7 yards, 1 interception? The Panthers dropped contests were Jake Delhomme could barely complete a pass — to his own teammates.  Remember the stat line: 7-17, 73 yards, 4 interceptions? And, they both had superior running games and strong, physical defenses to support them.  In short, there were no excuses.

Tennessee Titans QB and 2009 Comeback Player of the Year - Vince Young


2009 NFL Season: High Impact Injuries Thru Week 6

The NFL and its fans are so unforgiving that when injuries strike, there is often little recognition of what impact it may have on the team.  Media types and casual observers go from signing your praises to telling you all the ways that you are overrated.

"I Don't Have It, But Neither Do You!" -- Aaron Ross


Did Byron Leftwich Get a Raw Deal?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced today that QB Byron Leftwich will be replaced in the position by Josh Johnson.  Former Kansas State star and QB of the future Josh Freeman will be promoted to #2.  Johnson replaced Leftwich in yesterday’s 24-0 loss at the hands of the New York Giants.  But did Raheem Morris do the right thing in going with a young QB?  Is the timing right?  Is he changing the right piece of the puzzle?  Is this is a sign of desperation after the recent firing of the offensive coordinator?


2009 NFL Season: Week 3 – What to Watch For

Each week, the NFL schedule provides intriguing story lines.  This week is no different.  Here are a five things I’ll be watching this week.

1.  Pick me! No, pick me! Interception prone Jake Delhomme faces off against interception happy Tony Romo in INT Bowl 2009.  Defenders on both teams have to be salivating.  There is no telling if Delhomme will show up as the guy who throws for 270+ yards every time he plays the Atlanta Falcons (308 last week) or the guy enamored with the men in other uniforms.  Dallas’ Tony Romo needs to bounce back from his undressing at the hands of the depleted New York Giants.  Chris Gamble and Richard Marshall are going to sleep like babies this week.

It’s not like they’ll be up worried about Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin.


Fixing Jake Delhomme

I took a look at Jake Delhomme in action vs. the Philadelphia Eagles this past Sunday.  Much like his performance vs. the Arizona Cardinals in last seaon’s playoff game, Delhomme was terrible.  Last December, the heavily favored Carolina Panthers (12-4) were defeated by the Arizona Cardinals (9-7).  The Cardinals went on to face the Steelers in the Super Bowl.  The Panthers went to the off-season with questions that no one bothered to answer.

Delhomme was rewarded for his career service to the Carolina Panthers with a new 5-year contract.  The pinnacle of his service, however, was during his inaugural season in Charlotte (2003).  With coach Jon Fox and then-offensive coordinator Dan Henning, Delhomme followed Stephen Davis’ lead to the Super Bowl.  The Panthers were defeated by the Patriots on the strength of an out-of-bounds kickoff by John Kasay and a long field goal by Adam Vinatieri.

That was a long time ago.

In looking at Delhomme, I noticed a few things.  Let’s take it slowly – in fairness to him, his teammates, and the question at hand. (more…)