conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy Theorists and Haterade

I’ve come to the conclusion that folks who consistently hate on “conspiracy theories” either don’t actually know HOW to read (let alone WHAT to read) OR they are in the employ of architects of conspiracies.

If a conspiracy is little more than a willful attempt to eliminate or minimize risk from our many endeavors, why is there so much contempt for those who develop conspiracy theories?  If a conspiracy theorist told you three decades ago that the United States government attempted to assassinate other heads of state, what it take to establish credibility?  Don’t tell me.  A three decades overdue report from that same government attesting to those very assassination attempts.  Now, if that’s the case, you must know you’re dumber than a box of rox.

If Jose Canseco told you that baseball was full of steroid users and you panned his revelations as the rant of a disgruntled player, what would it take to rehabilitate his account?  The national media almost universally dismissed Canseco as a resident of the lunatic fringe.  Canseco is in from the cold, but the national media has yet to look at much more than the stories handed to them by players.  It’s hard to believe that illegally breached grand jury testimony of a single player lies at the heart of an ongoing media fascination with something alleged to dominate the game.  If your focus is on that single player instead of the relationship between a media which ignored the story in 1998 and now refuses to dig deep, you must know your dumber than a box of rox.

Conspiracy theorists are often easily dismissed because their depictions in the popular mind are highly stereotyped.  If you’re looking for renegade hippies with all the social skill of your psychotic Uncle Jerry, then the mission has been accomplished.  Still, there are individuals and groups whose sole purpose is to minimize risk – and if that is your sole purpose, you will ACTIVELY work to eliminate or reduce randomness and/or actions by others that impact your bottom line.  If your bottom line was gambling and tourism money from Bautista’s Cuba, and you exercised a risk management imperative, it might look like a “Bay of Pigs” operation or something similar.

And, yet…there are so many people living in our pseudo-random society who simply cannot imagine that someone actually plans their day.  These people pay insurance premiums – and that industry is predicated on mathematical formulas on your longevity and quality of life.  Accidents are for suckers.  The CIA doesn’t believe in accidents – they simply assert the principle of “plausible deniability.”  Now, what’s plausible to you is really what is up for questioning.  Why do you believe what you believe?

Do you know?