Life Begins in the Ice Box?

The American Anthropological Association put together a website intended to demonstrate the unity of the human family with respect to the question of race.  One of the segments of the website reads as follows:

Why do some people have light skin and others have dark skin? How do scientists explain the broad spectrum of human skin color around the globe?

Skin color, one of our most visible physical features, has long been used to divide people into racial categories. Anthropologist Nina Jablonski, Ph.D. theorizes that variations in human skin are adaptive traits that correlate closely to geography and the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, not race.

“Over the course of evolution, human ancestors became bigger and more active as they moved into hot, open environments in search of food and water. In these places, one big challenge was keeping cool. The adaptation they made was to increase the number of sweat glands on their skin while at the same time reducing the amount of their body hair,” explains Jablonski. With less hair, perspiration could evaporate more easily and cool the body more efficiently. “But this less-hairy skin was a problem because it was exposed to a very strong sun, especially in lands near the equator.” Strong sun exposure damages the body. “The solution was to evolve skin that was permanently dark so as to protect against the sun’s more damaging rays.”

Now that’s just bizarre.


  1. So, even though life began in Africa, in a hot climate, all the black folks came later?

    What type of blatant foolishness is that? They are just making stuff up at this point. Shameful..

  2. @Big Man

    I echo your sentiments. Sometimes you just have to laugh at such foolishness and keep going.

  3. The lengths white scientists have gone to “prove” themselves superior, original, and “morally correct” is worthy of much more study.

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