In U.S. poll, 60 percent back Libya military action

In U.S. poll, 60 percent back Libya military action

Americans have really taken to the whole “regime change” thing,  How do you spent all day, every day watching Charlie Sheen, Oprah Winfrey, and other mindless nonsense, then spin around and weigh in on who is fit or unfit to rule another nation? 

Americans are relying on British nannies (on television) and Caribbean nannies (in reality) to rule their HOMES, but remain possessed of the brass, chutzpah, stones y cahones to talk smack about names and places they can neither spell nor pronounce.

Is that an unfair generalization?  Perhaps, but it is no prejudicial than the self-righteous characterizations of “those” people in “those” countries.  Americans are not served by their inability to have powerfully informed conversations about foreign affairs.

Instead, Americans continue to write blank checks for their own voracious war machine.

One comment

  1. Shows how blood thirsty we are re: Africa/Middle East. Britons are against military action according to a poll from two days ago. Only a third in support…

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