1. How can we justify this course of action ,if it was saudia arabia would we be shouting for there rulers to leave the country.What right do we have to interfere in a country which has nothing to do with us ,it is the rebels who are in the wrong they are rebelling against their legal goverment which britain recognised.Can David Cameron not see the insurrection is being orchestrated by Iran and Alqaida in the whole of the middle east,if he was so concerned about the human rights of the libyian people why is he not condemming king faisel who heads one of the most brutal dictator ships in the whole region,think on david ?

  2. All valid questions. While the Brits are wondering about the morality of the action, some Democrats are wondering about the legality of the American action.

    It is difficult to imagine how the bombing does not constitute an act of war, and it is also difficult to comprehend how Congress approved these actions since they were on a break when the decision to strike was made.

    Laws are for “other people.”

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