Running Out on You — The Favre Edition

Week 11 was the week the chickens came home to roost — sort of.

Brad Childress was handed his walking papers and the cash cow jumped over a Warring Moon.  Brett Favre has been firmly established by his interim head coach Leslie Frazier as that ride or die dude for the rest of the 2010 season.

Vince Young went ball-istic on his idiot savant idiot coach Jeff Fisher for being benched — again — with the game in the balance.  At the end of their rat-a-tat boom bap, Fisher called to Young, “Don’t run out on your teammates.”  The prodigal QB with the penchant for pounding the alma mater of his coach and pulling out close games responded, “I’m not running out on them…I’m running out on YOU!”  Young’s on-field success (a .638 winning percentage) has provoked the question, in some circles, of whether or not the Titans win games in spite of Jeff Fisher (.551 winning percentage).  In a bit of a twist, Young tends to catch flack for taking clothes off, whereas Fisher tends to catch hell for the clothes he puts on!

Jeff Fisher Working the Trifecta: Boobs, Belly, Butt. GO JEFF!!

Take that!

Brett Favre never needed to run OUT of the locker room and he certainly never ran IN to the locker room.  He mosied here and there, to and fro…from Green Bay to New York (into the waiting cell phone of Jenn Sturger) to Mississippi (into the waiting arms of wife Deanna) to Minnesota (to the waiting chauffeured ride with Brad Childress) back to  Mississippi (to the waiting arms of wife Deanna) and back to Minnesota (with hunting buddies Jared Allen and company).

In all of this back and forth, Favre made it clear that when he skipped the types of activities intended to keep interceptions to a minimum, he wasn’t running out on his wide receiving corps or his offensive line or his running backs.  He was running out on Brad Childress.  Now, Childress is gone.  Last Sunday, Favre ran out on a conversation with his BFF, Darrell Bevel (aka, the Guy Who Couldn’t Pull a ‘Jason Garrett’ and Get the Job He’s Coveted for 10 Years).

Running out on coaches is a common theme around the NFL this season.  Brett sets the records and writes the book — just like those career marks for interceptions, and one big incomplete pass.

And….fade to gratuitous Sterger shot:

Brett Favre may not be able to see defensive backs in zone coverage worth a damn, but he’s not blind.


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