Like Nothing

With so many people catching flack for making analogies to larger than life events, I thought it would be wise if all athletes and sports people could simply use the following phrase whenever something comes up — “It’s like nothing in the history of everything than anyone has ever seen before.”

Reggie Bush considers his ostracism from USC to be “like death without dying.”  No problem here.  No one who has died will be around to be offended by my new catch all.  Tim McCarver can apologize for pulling a Jemele Hill/Lou Holtz and linking the New York Yankees to Nazis and the big dog of political seduction, Joseph Stalin.  Dwyane Wade can apologize for continuing to spell his name that way and for not really saying what the media said he said.

We’ve got everyone covered — except for the ADL.  I am sure they have tabs on everyone who has ever seen anything and can rustle up one offended corpse or future corpse.  I hope they find the offended corpse first.  It’ll be like nothing I’ve ever seen.


  1. The wrath that DWade incurred seemed to suggest that he was born some other place, a foreigner; some “other” who wasn’t profoundly moved by 9-11. It was amazing to witness. Perhaps it’s just that non-New Yorkers aren’t sufficiently sensitive any longer to the matter. What say you?

  2. You might be right about that burundi. I mean, when do you let it go(the sensitivity) and move on?

  3. I’m not sure if that was the case. It was precisely his recognition of the importance of the event that probably prompted him to refer to it in the manner he did. His comments were a recognition, rather than a diminution, of the significance of the event.

    We’re not talking about someone like Mahmoud Abdur Rouf who might well have noted that many nations around the world have hundreds and thousands of 9-11 moments in their very recent histories — not the least of whom would include Black folk colonized within these borders.

    I think the media and members of the public have been dumbed down or ADL’d-down or tricked out into thinking that every single reference to every single historical moment has to be discussed in some “proper” context by non-athletes.

  4. GN: Ordinarily, I would’ve thought the same thing but a photojournalist from NYC happened to be at the WTC on 9/11 and she took some shots that not only I’ll never forget, but that made me understand that it’s gotta mean something distinctly for New Yorkers that others may never comprehend. When I think of some of those things, they actually give me pause to express them via keystroke.

    T3: Even though he properly characterized how the media would blow things out of proportion, I could understand how some might flinch at his using the analogy. While I thought nothing of it, I respect those who may legitimately not want to hear that in associated with basketball.

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