On Helen Thomas and Feigned Offense

“I am offended.  I am outraged.  This is just outrageous and offensive.  Well, I never.”

It’s the oldest trick in the book and it is best used when the outraged person has insufficient funds to pay a bar tab or a militaristic nation state has insufficient moral credit to defend ruthless murder.  In both cases, the best dupe of all is that room full of partially inebriated patrons who weren’t actually watching you spill your own drink in your lap or looking at you put that fly in your beer.  Free drinks on the house.  “Sanction-free murders of Palestinians on the house!  No charge Bibi.  Fire away!!”

Longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas made news recently for opting to resign over facing the wrath.  While I do derive some pleasure from seeing the white supremacists over at Hearst Publications gave to the outcry of a deficit moral spender, I can’t help laughing out loud at the feigned offense of people who believe in the legitimacy of the gun-toting Israelis.  And to think, all this drama on the anniversary of the day US foreign policy swallowed Israel’s testicular fortitude hook, line and sinker (as in the USS Liberty — sinking to the bottom of the sea.)  Political bondage is a bitch.  And now, the press wants America to think Helen Thomas is an anti-Semitic bitch.

What’s really wrong with going home to Poland and Germany — if that’s where you’re from?   For the handful of folks who might have a plausible case for claiming an indigenous root, passes might be in order.  However, for the rest of these European transplants, the jig should be up.  It’s time to go home and shoot innocent Polish and German children for a few decades.

Helen knows the way home.

Oh, and shame on her for telling those gangsters and their molls to get out.


  1. I had the same reaction, as I posted at my blog. It doesn’t escape my attention how even the most innocuous comments about certain folks are off limits, while black folks have to be severely wronged before we can seek redress.
    And don’t even talk about Native Americans.

  2. You’re not holding all the gold anymore. Get yourself some gold and then you can call in whatever you want, whenever you want. Black folk have got to be “in the black” to call the shots. Red is dead — ain’t it?

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