Opera Mini 6x Faster than Safari on iPhone?

According the folks at Opera, the latest version of the Opera Mini mobile browser is running circles around Safari.  When does the rest of the world get to confirm or deny the rumor?  And, when do Droid users get a blazing fast Opera Mini browser?  Opera Mini is not available in the iPhone marketplace, and the reception has been lukewarm (at best) in the Android marketplace.  If Opera Mini really is that much faster than Safari, its time for the Opera folks to drop everything and make this a reality.  For more, check this out:

The company has been demonstrating Opera Mini on a developer iPhone at Mobile World Congress. As Apple does not currently accept rival browsers onto the platform, Opera has not yet submitted theirs to the App Store — but it intends to do so at some point, founder Jon von Tetzchner told ZDNet UK during a demonstration.

“It will be submitted, but we haven’t decided when,” he said on Tuesday. “We want to tune the product a little bit more. We wouldn’t be making it if it wasn’t our intention [to submit it].”

Von Tetzchner said Opera Mini runs six times faster than Safari on the iPhone when using 3G networks, and runs at least as many times faster over GPRS.

Opera wouldn’t allow us to film or photograph Opera Mini on the iPhone, apparently because it hasn’t been submitted yet, but we were able to film Opera Mobile, which has a similar UI, running on a Nexus One Android phone. That’s another product that’s yet to come out, so keep an eye out for that video on our site very soon.

The moment may be closer than we think.

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