The Future of the Funk: Nick Cole

The 2009 Philadelphia Eagles will go to Dallas on Sunday with the #2 seed in the playoffs on the line.  If the Eagles win this game, they will have a first round playoff bye and will force every team except the New Orleans Saints to go through “The Linc.”  As you can see from the link, the Events Calendar is wide open.

How that calendar gets filled out will not be exclusively decided by legends like quarterback Donovan McNabb or game changers like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  It won’t even be exclusively decided by stalwarts like Jeremiah Trotter and Brian Westbrook.  It may not come down to new talent like Michael Vick or Leonard Weaver or rookie LeSean McCoy.

Nick Cole: Holding the Rock and the Hopes of a City

Instead, the fate of this funky, dynamic team (ranked #2 in scoring offense) may well be decided by an undrafted free agent from New Mexico State, center Nick Cole.  Cole, born in Lawton, Oklahoma (home of New Orleans Saints left tackle Jammal Brown), has been thrust into the spotlight due to a season-ending to center Jamaal Jackson.  The Eagles new center is the personification of a fire hydrant.  At 6’0″ and 350 pounds, Cole has played guard, center and fullback during his career.  He has strength and agility.  In order for the Eagles to win it all, he’ll have to also be wise and cool.  He is the future of the Philly funk.

And, hardly a soul in Philadelphia is the least bit concerned.

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