1. It’s time for people to finally see the media as not simply reporting the news, but as an intrusive entity bent on destroying icons that they’ve previously propped up, all in the name of the mighty dollar. Never have I seen the media seek to manufacture interest in something most could care less about regarding someone who hasn’t quite carried himself like John Daly, Charlie Sheen or other more obvious targets.

    It’s certainly time for targets like to Tiger Woods to issue no apologies nor explanations to fans nor media trash looking to make a buck in this down economy. He even needs to avoid Oprah. He needs to rediscover stoicism, which is the hallmark of any serious man on a mission to avoid any self incrimination. He needs to let his game do the talking for him. Go on a tear after prenuptially jettisoning the bland cookie cutter Blond terror and brush his shoulders off. His image cannot really take a hit because there’s simply an element of disbelief because he still comes off as being very well spoken and for want of a better term, a very nerdy fellow—and that’s all people will pick up on if he relegates his conversation to his game. He can keep swearing at missed putts and the obscene thought of any of his competitors coming close to his mean green scores.

    Yes, it’s also time for the rest of us to unequivocally tell the media to stick it where the Sun don’t shine.

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