2009 NFL Season: Lousaka Polite Keeps ‘Em Moving

The Miami Dolphins running game has not been stalled because of the season-ending injury to Ronnie Brown.  The Dolphins attack is multi-faceted and, in many respects, relies on the intelligence, guts and effectiveness of fullback Lousaka Polite.  The 6’0″, 250 pound masher out of the University of Pittsburgh has played for the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins during his six-year career.

The Dolphins pride themselves on having a physical attack.  Here are some shots of Lousaka Polite clearing a path for Ricky Williams in Week 14 vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Dolphins win gave them the tie-breaker over the Jags in their pursuit of a playoff berth.

Lousaka Locks On.

Lousaka Polite and Jake Long have cleared an immense hole for Ricky Williams.

Finishing the Block. Standing Up the Defender.

Ricky Williams is hard enough to tackle one on one.  Imagine trying to do it with a 250 pound fullback in your chest — pushing you backwards as if you’re a toddler.  You’ve got no chance.  Williams ran for 108 yards on 28 carries in the Dolphins 14-10 win.  It doesn’t get any easier.  Next up: another road game vs. the Tennessee Titans.

Untouched to the House! Miami En Route to a Critical Win.

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