2009 NFL Season: Turkey Day Picks

Gobble, gobble.

The Raiders have shot their wad, pardon me, for the month. Dallas, in facing another very tough pass defense, better come out running. Short week helps the Raiders, location does not. Dallas 10, Oakland 9.

For the Lions, Stafford is probably going to sit. Detroit is going to ask Daunte Culpepper to get his roll on without Megatron. Packers can smell the post-season. Green Bay 37, Detroit 17.

The Broncos are who I thought they were. However, don’t be surprised to see a proud group of veterans rally around this sinking ship.  The Giants effectively have 2 days to rest and less than a full day to get acclimated to the altitude — AFTER playing an overtime game vs. Atlanta.  Eli throws 3 or 4 to their guys.  If the Giants pull this one out,  kudos will go to the coaches who definitely did some 2-for-1 game planning in the bye week before Atlanta.  Denver 19, Giants 17.


  1. Giants now 9 days away from home game with Dallas. A win gets them to 7-5. If they sweep season series, they could still miss playoffs. Bizarre.

    Did you know the Steelers defense has only allowed 13 touchdowns. That’s the league-low. Not sure if they can beat Baltimore with Dixon.

  2. Sorry to respond late to this one…..but no, I did not know the Steelers had only allowed 13 TDs coming into the Ravens game. That’s impressive to say the least….and could add to the argument that they SHOULD be unbeaten if they did all the right things during their games this season.

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