2009 NFL Season: Week 10 – Misery Loves Company

The Steelers lost to the Bengals for the second time this season.  I’m not happy about it.  At least the Cowboys are being shut out by the Packers.

Congratulations to the Bengals who have swept the season series with both the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.  The race in the AFC North is over and the Bengals are going to the playoffs.

Now is the time to fine tune the team and work on bringing the hammer every week.  I hope the Steelers can play the Bengals again – with Troy Polamalu in the fold…and I hope that Ben Roethlisberger takes some mustard off of his throws.  Overthrown balls in the end zone to Santonio Holmes and Mike Wallace were the difference in this game. And, then there were the two underthrown balls to Wallace who was running behind the defense.  Arrrrgh!!!

It happens.  😦


My misery index is now at ZERO.

After watching The Genius of Video go for a 4th down deep in his territory and squander a 13 point lead in the 4th quarter, I’ve SEEN IT ALL…and I’m happy as all hell.  The Colts beat the Patriots in a game they richly deserved to lose.  And I think the bloom is off the rose.

Bill Belichick has lost his mind and I’m so glad.  🙂  That post-game handshake was so quick, I wonder if Jim Caldwell even got a good look at Mr. Bill.  What a putz!


  1. Don’t forget about especially working on the kick coverage. It’s been atrocious this year. Perhaps Tomlin should take a page out of Cowher’s book and put some starters on special teams. Cowher did this a couple of times when the kick coverage was inadequate. Congratulations to the Bengals. They have a good team, and an easy schedule down the stretch.

  2. I believe the kick coverage is dead last in the league. They’ve allowed 7 touchdowns. For my money, that means you have to put some starters out there — just like in the post-season.

    The Bengals have a very good team. I remember writing how I thought they’d be good this year — but I didn’t think they’d win these 4 games. I thought they’d split with Pitt and Baltimore and get in as the 3 team in the division. I figured Indy, New England and San Diego would be the other teams. If Baltimore and the Steelers hold up their ends of the bargain, I’ll still have the right teams…but in a funky order.

    I wonder if that means the Steelers could be going to San Diego or New England for a playoff game — with Baltimore going to the other site. Indy and Cincy are probably getting byes. I will say that Pittsburgh is still right there. They’re only 6-3 and a game and a half behind Cincy.

  3. kos:

    The Bengals do go on the road in back-to-back weeks to face San Diego and Minnesota. The Steelers need to run the table (beat Baltimore twice, again) in order to catch them and hope they stub their toes in those two tough road games.

  4. T3:

    I didn’t realize that the Bengals had to go to Minnesota. I knew about San Diego, but they remind me too much of the Eagles. They can beat anyone, but they can also lose to anyone.

    Does anyone else think that Arians gave up on the run too early? Only 18 rushes for the whole day and 40 passes? Almost sounds like he was reading from Andy Reid’s playbook. Also, the way that Cinci’s defense was playing Big Ben, it reminded me of Minnesota. They kept him in the pocket and were tipping/knocking down alot of his passes. One thing that I do notice about Arians as opposed to past Steelers offensive coordinators. No one is talking about him for a head coaching job. Maybe someone should convince Dan Snyder to take him off of Pittsburgh’s hands. 🙂

  5. kos:

    I totally agree that the Steelers gave up on the run too early. In the first half, they had 25 passes and 10 rushes. That’s not a good mix. I was concerned at that point because I felt like they weren’t taking the Bengals seriously.

    I agree about Arians — but, in his defense, if Ben was sharp yesterday, that game could have been a mess. Sometimes he makes amazing plays and sometimes I have to shake my head. He missed Wallace in the end zone. He missed Heath Miller on 3rd and short because he threw the ball too hard. He missed Santonio in the end zone on a ball that SH should have caught, but it could have been thrown better. He made a terrible throw to Hines Ward’s shadow that deflected, intercepted and led to 3 points. And he missed Santonio (wide open) in the endzone on the same play he missed Wallace. He also threw the ball short to Wallace at least 2 or 3 times when he was behind the defender.

    If he was as sharp yesterday as he was against Denver, they probably score 35. Cincy got decent pressure, but Ben chose those sacks. He had time and decided to hang onto the ball. I think they only got him once or twice where he was just caught out there. So, yeah, they should have run more — but he’s gotta make plays.

    Mendenhall looked good to me. I didn’t look at the NFL playbook, but I think he must have had 5-7 very solid runs on the day…but they didn’t sustain it.

    A buddy of mine was screaming for Arians to not a back in the backfield in the Red Zone. One of those “caught out there” sacks came in the Red Zone on 2nd or 3rd down with an empty backfield. They could have and should have run more in the red zone…or at least been in formations where they had the option. Personally, given the Bengals use of Morgan Trent, Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph, I’d have liked to see the Steelers throw to Miller or Spaeth in the end zone. Never happened. I think you have to make a team defend 5 guys in the red zone and sometimes, they only make you defend 2 or 3.

  6. I didn’t see this game as I was out of town staying at a hotel celebrating my birthday with the wife. However, I called a buddy of mine who was giving me the game summary as it developed. He was basically saying what both of you are saying (i.e. giving up too early on the run, Arians being Arians, Ben overthrowing his WRs, Ben hanging on to the ball, etc.).

    Anyways, congrats to the Bengals. They wanted it more than the Steelers.

  7. Last year, the Steelers gave up no returns (int, fumble, punt, kickoff) for touchdowns. This year, seven. The record for touchdown returns given up for TD’s for the Steelers is eight, set in 1993. The Steelers went from 1971-1982 under Chuck Noll without giving up a kickoff return for TD.
    –From USA Today.com

    Amazing statistic. Also, underlines that Tomlin better stick some starters out there on kick coverage.

  8. Troy Polamalu, Aaron Smith, Larry Foote and Bryant McFadden.

    Their backups played special teams last year. This year, those guys are starting and the backups playing special teams haven’t elevated their games. William Gay, Lawrence Timmons (remember that offsides penalty late Sunday) simply aren’t performing at the required level yet. I’m hoping that the lights come on in a hurry. I’d still like to see Timmons and Woodley switch for a few plays.

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