2009 NFL Season: Chad Ochocinco Serves Fries

And a shake to Baltimore Raven CB Dominique Foxworth.


Mano-a-mano. Shading Chad to the Inside. Hut-hut-hut!

It’s going to get hectic.


He's Not Going Inside! Damn!

Chad’s Not Done…and Neither is Dominique.


"Gotta Get Up! Quick...Recover!!"

Chad’s thinking, “I did my part, where is the damn ball?”

A perfect throw from Carson Palmer on this play probably goes for a touchdown.  That perfect pass never came.  The Bengals didn’t need it because this season, they are simply better than the Ravens.  Palmer is 8-3 (career) against the Ravens.  Chad has always been a big part of that.  From what I can see, he hasn’t lost a step — and if he has, Dominique Foxworth won’t find that lost step any time soon.


  1. Wow…..nasty!!!

    One thing about OchoCinco….and that is he is one of the BEST route runners in the game.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the Bengals try to attack the Steeler defense this coming Sunday without Chris Henry. I suspect that Coles will get more balls thrown his way. Ike Taylor always plays solid against OchoCinco. Cedric Benson will have to get 100yds or more in order for the Bengals to win. I think that the Steelers will come into Heinz field with a chip (make that the entire tree) on their shoulders because i’m sure they feel they should’ve won that game in Cincy.

    Can’t wait for your breakdown on this game, T3.

  2. I’ll have to see if time permits. The Bengals are impressive this season because they do such a good job of capitalizing on the mistakes of other teams. They really held what had looked like an explosive offensive in check last week. And they did it without sack leader Antwaan Odom.

  3. I’m guessing Ike Taylor will be guarding Chad on Sunday. He kept him out of the end zone in the first game. I’m expecting more physical play from Ike to keep Chad from getting off the line easily. The big question, with Henry out, who’s going to be the #2 receiver? The other thing that stands out, in the first game, Cedric Benson had 16 carries for 76 yards. If the Bengals have more of a commitment to the run, then expect another tight game.

  4. @kos,

    I look for Carson Palmer to throw more passes to Laveranues Coles. I think that William Gay will get targeted on Sunday, so he’d better be ready.

    Regarding Benson’s 76 yards rushing in the first game……it’s kinda deceiving because he (Benson) broke a pretty good run for a TD that would not have happened if Polamalu was playing. Up until that point, the Steelers had him in check.

  5. kos:

    I believe that the second receiver will be Andre Caldwell. He has been a favorite of Palmer this year. He caught the game-winner vs. Pittsburgh and had another one last week vs. Baltimore. He will be open vs. Gay — like Eddie Royal. I don’t think it matters.

    I agree with GN that with Troy on the field, running is really not an option. TP is going to get a durability test this week, though. The Bengals played the Ravens without Haloti Ngata and mauled them up front. Keyaron Fox is going to earn his paycheck this week. Benson looks absolutely great and it will be a challenge, but I think the Steelers should win big.

    Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. If we’re -2 or worse, we will lose.

  6. I just read on USAToday.com that Chad was planning on sending the Steelers some mustard, but Marvin Lewis told him no.

    Here’s what was written:

    “I got a nice present for the Steelers—-sending them some mustard since they’ll never ketchup when we play Sunday,” he tweeted earlier this week.

    The Steelers were looking forward to it.

    “He’d better send us something,” safety Ryan Clark said Wednesday in Pittsburgh. “He sent something to the Ravens, so that shows he respects them. So he’d better send something to us.

    “I hope he does because I’ve got three kids to feed. That’s one less trip to the grocery store I need to make.”

    I have to say, at least Chad has a sense of humor! Ryan Clark, too. It’s been a while since Chad has had a big game against the Steelers.

    Speaking of Ryan Clark, I read on post-gazette.com yesterday that he was going to play in Denver if he had a choice. One more reason I like Tomlin.

  7. Good stuff.

    I really like Chad. I think he’s one of the best things to happen to the NFL in years. He is an outstanding player. He’s work hard for the team and the city. He bought tickets and donated the seats so that fans could watch the game on television. He’s an entrepreneur and he pushes the envelope. Players could learn a great deal from him. And he’s tough.

    Most of all, I like the fact that Ike can handle him. He hasn’t scorched us since 2003 or ’04. That’s nice. Now, Chris Henry is an entirely different story. 😦

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