2009 NFL Season: Week 9 – The Picks

No time to waste:

Atlanta rebounds from a tough loss.  Washington revisits another typical loss.  Atlanta 34, Washington 13.

Is Turner back? Or are the Saints showing cracks vs. the run?

Arizona rebounds from a tough loss.  Chicago still searches for a flow.  Arizona 26, Chicago 24.

Baltimore redeems its tough loss to Cincy last month.  Cincy has growing pains. Baltimore 13, Cincinnati 10.

No Owen Daniels.  No Bob Sanders.  Going with Indy.  Indianapolis 39, Houston 34.

Torture, pure torture.  Jacksonville 10, Kansas City 7.

Ecstacy, pure ecstacy.  New England 38, Miami 35.

The Bay of Pigs is back.  Welcome to the world, rook.  Green Bay 30, Tampa Bay 14.

New Orleans big over the schizophrenic Panthers.  Are they running with DeAngelo and Stewart or passing with Mr. Pick Six?  Darren Sharper 21, Carolina 17.

Bell, Thomas, Bush and Evans -- Boom, Boom, Flash and Boom-Boom!

Seattle either wins this game or they fold up and wonder what Jim Mora, Jr. is capable of doing.  Seattle 41, Detroit 0.

Are the Giants really ready for this game?  Are the Chargers ready for anyone other than the Raiders?  Giants 33, San Diego 31.

Remember when the 49ers were abysmal and the Titans were great?  A role reversal here means Mike Singletary is in trouble.  Vince is a tough out.  San Francisco 38, Tennessee 35.

The Dallas Cowboys are overrated.  They’ve been overrated since 1995.  I got the memo when Neil O’Donnell air mailed their last SB win. Philadelphia 44, Dallas 6.

The Denver Broncos will be underrated.  After losses to Baltimore and Pittsburgh, America will jump off the bandwagon.  Too bad.  Pittsburgh 19, Denver 15.

Some guys I like to “blow up” this week:

QB: Matt Hasselbeck vs. the Lions.  Donovan McNabb vs. the Cowboys.  David Garrard vs. the Chiefs.

RB: Michael Turner vs. the Redskins.  Ronnie and Ricky vs. the Patriots.  Ryan Grant vs. the Bucs.

WR: Santonio Holmes and Mike Wallace  vs. the Broncos. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin vs. the Cowboys. TJ Hush-mazilli (“Championship”) vs. the Lions.

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