Mr. Reed, I Presume.

Ed Reed set the tone for yesterday’s Week 8 win over the Denver Broncos with this crunching blow on rookie running back, Knowshon Moreno.  The Ravens were waiting on Denver’s screen game all day long.  This play resulted in the game’s first turnover.  The Ravens went on to win 30-7.


Ed Reed_Moreno3

Loose Ball -- Inside the Blue Circle

Here it comes.  The breeze before the boom!!

BREEZE — The read by Reed.  “Screen, screen, screen!”

Ed Reed_Moreno1a

Here Comes Mr. Reed


  1. That hit definitely set the tone for the game. The Broncos don’t strike me as a “physical” team and the Ravens certainly “out-physical”ed them on yesterday.

  2. I didn’t see the entire game. I subscribed to NFL RedZone and they switch to every game when a team gets in the “red-zone” with an opportunity to score.

  3. You might want to get GamePass instead. You can watch every single game (in its entirety) since the beginning of 2008 for the same price (I think). But, you know that has (for free) video highlights of every scoring play of every game. They don’t have the entire red zone situation, but they’ve got every score.

    I watched some (and listened to more) of the game yesterday. Baltimore wore them down with the O-line principally because Denver was unable to sustain drives on offense. Denver’s defense kept it close until late in the game. Baltimore didn’t score an offensive touchdown until the 4th quarter. Up to then, it was all special teams and field goals.

    In this game, it seemed like the O-line, Orton and Moreno was not really ready for the intensity, speed and power of the Ravens. I’ve always felt that Baltimore and Pittsburgh bring a little something extra that you have to see and experience…you can’t just show up with your game face and expect to rock and roll.

    Also, Baltimore did a better job of defending the run and forcing Orton to throw outside. They ate up screens, made big hits and often played on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

  4. I think that the Steelers will take away the run and force Kyle Orton to beat them. Orton doesn’t have a big arm, so he will be “dinking and dumping” underneath, along with some screens to neutralize the Steeler’s blitzes. If Polamalu’s health is around 85-90%, i’m not too worried about the screens. However, Ryan Clark might not play, which could be big being that he and Farrior QBs the defense. Maybe Tyrone Carter will fare better playing FS as opposed to SS. 🙂

  5. I’d rather have Clark back there on play action fakes that result in deep passes to Marshall or deep crossing routes to Royal.

    It’s just really hard to win in this league when you’re all banged up.

  6. Yeah, me too. However, something tells me that Clark is going to play. His doctors have cleared him but the decision is up to him.

  7. I didn’t realize the gravity of his situation until I read that big feature at Yahoo Sports. I forgot that this all happened in Denver. All of the details haven’t been made public (and I don’t want or need to know), but if he and his doctors (not the team doctors) feel its okay and his wife signs off — then I’m cool with it. The Steelers can beat the Broncos without him — and if they can’t, then they have some real work to do in the draft.

    The Steelers have known that this was an area of weakness and tried to shore it up in the draft, but haven’t had much success. Maybe they’ll go there again this year.

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