2009 NFL Season: Week 8 — A Look Back

The Quick and Dirty Write Up.

The Denver Broncos are not the real deal.  I said it last week — and gave a thousand reasons why.  I was willing to keep an open mind for a few weeks, but they are who I thought they were.  The Ravens took Denver’s lunch money, punched them in the mouth, stuffed them in the locker and went to the prom with Little Ms. Bronco.  The Broncos can prove a lot next Monday night if they can beat the Steelers at home.  For now, they’ll need to figure out why they were throttled coming off a bye.  I bet the Ravens are even more pissed at the referees from that New England game.

The New York Giants are sinking.  They’ve lost 3 times and been beaten up each time.  When the Saints did it, the loss was attributed to the lack of healthy defenders on the Giants.  Then the Cardinals flew to New York and beat down the offense.  Yesterday, the Eagles dominated in all 3 phases and made Eli look like that guy he’s looked like in every season that wasn’t 2007.  You know, the guy with the 80 something QB rating who throws interceptions all over the yard.  The Giants have a ton of things to fix and don’t have that aura any more.  3 losses in the conference mean there are on the outside looking in.

The Arizona Cardinals are killing me.  They can’t stand prosperity.  This is  a critical stretch for them.  They began by winning at Seattle and New York — then they lose at home to the PANTHERS!?!  You’ve got to be kidding.  Last week, the Panthers offensive coordinator was my poster-boy for throwing games.  He figured out (at least for a day) that this team is better when DeAngelo and Jonathan roll with about 18 to 20 touches each…they’re much better than when Jake throws for 300 yards.  If Carolina can run more often, they’ll win.  If Arizona can remember who they are on game days, they should do better as well.  When they lose that first road playoff game, they’ll be able to look back on this loss as the one that put them in that predicement.

Congrats to Brett Favre and the Vikings.  (Ewww…that’s hard to write.)  They deserve the love — but until the Packers learn how to defend, they’ll continue to lose to quality opponents.  Percy Harvin is the next, “Did you see that?!?” Guy.  When you give up that many points at home, you’ve got no shot.  Adrian Peterson got his touches this week.  Last week, he managed only 18 carries and 69 yards.  Four touchdown passes — again.  Wow!

The 49ers are within a hair’s breadth of being 5-2 (or better) with wins over Minnesota and Indianapolis.  They’re not experienced enough or talented enough at QB to have pulled out some of their games (at Houston), but they really get down.  The Colts are like a machine — even when they struggle.  Well done.

As a New Yorker, I was hoping that the Dolphins would come out flat after playing the Saints.  I know they hate the Jets, so I guess I should have recognized they’d find a way — like the Giants did vs. Philly.  Exactly…Didn’t happen there, why should it have happened here?  I thought the Jets would hold the Dolphins to 3 points — and I was looking like a genius when this game was 6-3 late in the 3rd quarter.  Then Ted Ginn, Jr. started channeling Eddie Royal and bang-bang-bang.  The Dolphins scored 21 points without their offense.  Game over.  The good news: as I said a few weeks ago, New Yorkers need not overreact to some tough games from Mark Sanchez.  He’s young, but he’s the real deal.  He’s a player and he didn’t cost the Jets the game yesterday.  Have faith — and get those special teams fixed.

Chicago pummeled Cleveland.  What else is new?

St. Louis beat Detroit.  Too bad Megatron is on the shelf!!  I thought he’d play and picked the Lions to win by 2.

San Diego beat the Raiders.  If Roger Goodell is serious (and we know he’s not because of how he handled Matt Jones), wouldn’t Tom Cable be on the verge of losing his job?  This is an embarassment to the league and the franchise.  I’m not sure what Andy Reid owed Al Davis before the Eagles lost out there, but the debt has been cancelled.  Will the Raiders win again?  Who still owes Al Davis?

I’m going to tell you right now — I’m not buying Dallas either.  They beat a banged up Falcon team — a terrible Seattle team and they’ve lost to the Giants and Broncos.  They even played one of Tampa’s most interesting games of the season.  Would you buy that?  Dallas still operates on a “smoke and mirrors” basis.

Buffalo had a chance to tie the Texans at 4-4 and hold the tie-breaker.  Instead, the Bills dropped to 3-5 and are gone (in my book) from meaningful playoff contention.  They’re the weakest overall team in the division.  (I know they just beat the Jets in New York.)  The Texans are just trying to keep it going.  Nice to see Ryan Moats do what he did.  What he was forced to deal with this summer was unconscionable.  His case generated more hate comments than any other post I’ve ever had.  Congratulations to Ryan and his family.  This “game” is small consolation, but it is still nice to see when preparation grabs opportunity and kisses her fully on the mouth.

Didn’t every one in the nation, except for Jeff Fisher and Kerry Collins, know that it was time for Vince Young to take over the reins in Tennessee?  Back in Week 3 when I wrote in detail of how Collins was “On the Verge of Getting Exposed,” I noted that the Titans were not much better than a 10-13 point team.  With Young, the Titans may not have a traditional look, but they are simply more formidable in the run game and with play action.  Vince Young is a play maker.  Collins can only take what the defense gives him.  New England gave him nothing and he took nothing.  Same with the Jets.  Bud Adams did the right thing, albeit 2 months too late.

Picks Record for Week 8: 8-4* (Made picks before Young was announced the starter in Jax-Tenn game.)


  1. I’m not buying Dallas or Indy for that matter.

    Is it just me or does it seem like for the past 5 years the always Colts start out with a relatively “easy” schedule to position themselves for the playoffs?


    It almost seems as if “the powers that be” want Peyton Manning to somehow end up in the Super Bowl. 🙂

  2. Sorry for the typo…..

    That should be:

    “….the Colts always start out with a relatively “easy” schedule to position themselves for the playoffs?”

  3. I don’t know. They play in one of the toughest divisions in football. The division includes the Jaguars who own a winning record vs. the Steelers…and the Titans who have kicked Steel Butt for years. Six years of 12+ wins buys a lot of cred in my book. Tack on a road win at Pittsburgh in ’08 for good measure. The Colts almost always play a 1st place schedule (this year is an exception). I think the Colts are a flawed team that just wins and wins and wins — until those flaws cannot be masked any longer. 9 in a row last year after opening Chicago, Minnesota, Jacksonville…then a stretch of Baltimore, Green Bay, Tennessee, New England, Pittsburgh.

    The only question is — How does Indy solve a 3-4 defense in the post-season?

    They usually don’t. Just keep in mind that the year they won the SB, they were ranked dead last in rush defense until the post-season.

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