Open Question to San Diego Chargers Coach Norv Turner

Is a dive play featuring Darren Sproles on 3rd and goal really your best play against the Denver Broncos?

LT-RidingthePine-vsDenMuch of the 3rd and 4th quarter was played with your Chargers or in the lead or within striking distance.  If General Manager A.J. Smith has signed a number of 6’5″ receivers, why do not choose to look their way in the Red Zone?  Why not look to Antonio Gates?

If these players are no longer capable of scoring, why not let A.J. know that its time for them to go.  Gates, Vincent Jackson and company could be shipped off tomorrow for a nice package of draft picks.

Whatever your thinking, let’s not see Sproles in that situation again.  That’s twice this season — and you’ve lost two very winnable games in your own stadium against conference opponents who will be going to the playoffs in your place.   Remember?

Monday, September 21, 2009
By Bernie Wilson, The Associated Press

SAN DIEGO — Ray Lewis took a chance, and what a chance it was.

The star linebacker shot the gap and met Darren Sproles head-on on fourth-and-2 in the closing seconds, with brute strength winning out over speed and shiftiness.

A game that seemingly was going to be decided by Philip Rivers instead was sealed by Lewis, whose big play saved a 31-26 win for the Baltimore Ravens against the San Diego Chargers.

“That was probably one of the greatest plays of my career because of my team, because of what we did as a team,” said Lewis, a former Super Bowl MVP, 10-time Pro Bowler and two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

The Chargers needed a touchdown to win and had the ball on Baltimore’s 15 with 33 seconds left. Lewis came in unblocked and slammed the little running back to the ground for a 5-yard loss, and the Ravens (2-0) ran out the clock.

If that doesn’t work, does this jog your memory??

4th and 2 -- Over Before It Starts. Here Comes Ray!


That's the Ball Game!

Ray Lewis Celebrates Darren Sproles Getting Shorter than Short Yardage

It makes me wonder if you have really, really good friends in Las Vegas or if “Norv, Jr.” is being held against his will in a trailer in Mexico City.  Either way, the next time this happens, we’re all going to see the police.

We have to go, Norv.  None of this made any sense.  The Broncos called timeout right before you ran this play.  You had LT on the field and he might have scored on 2nd down if Antonio Gates wasn’t staring at the defensive alignment when the ball was snapped.  Who knows!  If he’d come off the line with everyone else, he might have created a for LT.  So, after the timeout, you put LT on the bench, go 3 wide, and put Sproles in against an 8 man front without a lead blocker.  Philip doesn’t audible to a pass and you don’t call timeout…so the play went nowhere.


Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide. Bring Out Kaeding!!

But didn’t we know that BEFORE the snap?

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