Overreacting to the Learning Curve: New York Panics

All over the city of New York (and across much of the nation), people are deep in the throes of panic because of some ill-advised throws made by Jet rookie QB, Mark Sanchez.  “The Sanchise,” as he has been dubbed, threw five interceptions against the Buffalo Bills yesterday.  The Jets have lost three straight games and people are concerned that the bloom may be off of the rose.  (And so far from Pasadena!!)

Mark Sanchez: In a Sea of Peril

I think people need to take a few steps back before jumping ship.  Consider this:

  1. The Jets number one receiver is not Braylon Edwards (yet!).  The New York Jets number one receiver is Jerricho Cotchery.  He missed yesterday’s game and most of the game vs. the Miami Dolphins.  As Sanchez get to know one another better, there are going to be some growing pains.  When Cotchery returns, Sanchez is likely to become more comfortable with passing the ball and is also likely to make better use of Braylon Edwards.


    Jerricho -- Going Through the Walls of the Dolphins

  2. Dustin Keller had a terrible game.  He is not as reliable as a pass catching tight end needs to be.  When the #1 receiver is out and the opponent is a division rival, the stakes go up.  Keller had several drops yesterday and didn’t deliver on 3rd down.  He’s a better player than that.  The Jets need to see more of this!!

    Keller Puts 'Em Down

  3. The Jets had a marvelous game on the ground yesterday, but the run was not the focal point of the Bills attack.   The Bills have made many QB’s look pedestrian over the past few years.  They do have injuries in the secondary, but the team is disciplined.  Tony Romo played one of the worst games of his career against the Bills.  Tom Brady didn’t look so hot against them either until the last few minutes of the game.  Drew Brees’ lowest output of the season came in Buffalo.  Drew Brees was a mere 16 of 29 for 172 yards with no touchdowns vs. the Bills…and he went to town with Colston, Moore, Bush, Thomas, Meachem, Henderson and Shockey.
  4. Some doubters think the trouble started with the Saints.  How did Eli (inside the yellow circle, and sinking fast) look against the Saints yesterday?  Not so good.


    Eli Manning Gets Drilled by Jonathan Vilma

Patience is the order of the day.  The Jets will be fine if they can get Cotchery back on the field.  He is underrated when he plays and he is still insufficiently appreciated in his absence.  If folks have any doubts about his value, they should get a hold of his old college quarterback.

Cotchery and Philip Rivers -- Putting in Some Charity Time

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