2009 NFL Season: Power Running 101


Adrian Peterson Sends Julian Peterson Into Outer Space

Not everyone in this league runs hard.  Not everyone in this league tackles well.  And sometimes, we’re fortunate enough to see what happens when someone who does not tackle well runs into someone who actually does run hard.  Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings (center of the picture – holding the ball in his left arm) runs very, very hard.  The man to his right is Lions linebacker Julian Peterson.  All we can see of Julian Peterson is his butt and the soles of his feet — but three frames earlier, he was standing upright and running full speed ahead in an attempt to tackle Adrian Peterson.

Then something happened.  Adrian Peterson’s right arm happened.  AP slowed down and effortlessly threw Julian Peterson into outer space.  While JP is about to fly headlong into the turf, AP remains in good position to thump the next set of defenders.  In this game, no one does it better.

The other guys on my 2009 Mama Said Knock You Out Running Back Squad are:

Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown!  (You’ve got to love those orange uniforms.)

Frank Gore. The 49ers won’t get run over by anyone if he’s healthy.  His team misses him on both sides of the ball.

Ahmad Bradshaw. He just doesn’t give a damn.  If you want some, he’s gonna give it to you (even if you’re a kicker).


or a defensive end on an undefeated team in the Super Bowl…

Cedric Benson. Larry Johnson was the last guy to bring the pain to the Ravens…and C.B. did it in Baltimore.  He’s the real deal and he’s running like he has something to prove.

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