2009 NFL Season: QB’s Under the Gun

NFL defensive coordinators are always looking for an advantage.  Of course, with the pursuit of any reward comes some degree of risk.  Such is life with the ‘blitz.’  Some quarterbacks fold like picnic tables…some come out firing and scorch defenses into submission.

Tom Brady - Taking One for the Team

Here is a look at some interesting blitz ratios for QB’s through Week 4.Number of Blitzes/Total Passes.  Rating on Blitzes.  Overall QB Rating.

  1. Tom Brady.   Blitzes 40/Passes 102. Blitz Rating 64.9.  Overall Rating 79.9.  (Through Week 3.)
  2. Joe Flacco.  70/151.  BR – 104.8.  OR – 94.3.
  3. Jason Campbell.  33/124.  BR – 91.6.  OR – 85.5.
  4. Ben Roethlisberger. 51/142.  BR – 107.2.  OR – 98.1.
  5. Aaron Rodgers.  25/127.  BR – 127.5.  OR. 101.1.
  6. Matt Ryan.  36/91.  BR – 117.5.0.  OR – 100.4. (Through Week 3)
  7. Kurt Warner.  21/122.  BR – 110.6. OR – 83.5. (Through Week 3)
  8. Drew Brees. 27/129.  BR – 123.7. OR – 108.4.

(Attention Defensive Coordinators:  DO NOT BLITZ THESE MEN!)


  1. This is interesting. Perhaps Tom Brady has been exposed?

    I’m interested in knowing how Peyton Manning’s numbers stack up……specifically with a 3-4 defense blitzing him. 🙂

  2. I still think Brady is a ‘G.’ I just think he’s worried about getting hit in his legs. As for Manning, you can bet those numbers aren’t too good. The Colts have lost their last two playoff series to the Chargers (home and road).

  3. By the way, Matt Ryan gets an asterisk because his completion percentage is so low against the blitz. What really pumped his rating was that the Falcons were able to hit a couple of TD’s to Tony G. against blitz looks.

  4. I agree with Brady being worried about getting hit below his knees, but even before he suffered that leg injury last year, I think Jimmy Johnson (late Eagles DC) ‘discovered’ something in that classic matchup against the Eagles in 2007. The Ravens had similar success and almost pulled the upset a few weeks later. The Giants obviously made it work in the SB, but they primarily sent 4 after him and knocked him around pretty good.

    Maybe teams are starting to take more chances and are less concerned with him beating their blitzes? I don’t know.

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