2008 NFL Season: QB Challenge (A Look Back)

These two young quarterbacks have both played the same number of games — and have similar numbers (with respect to percentages).  Can you name these players?

Quarterback A:  2008 completion percentage — 63.6%; Quarterback B: 2008 completion percentage — 59.1%

QB A: 2008 touchdown percentage — 5.2%; QB B: 2008 touchdown percentage — 6%

QB A: 2008 interception percentage — 2.4%; QB B: 2008 interception percentage — 1.3%

QB A: 2008 Yds per Attempt — 7.5; QB B: 2008 Yds per Attempt — 7.1

QB A: 2008 QB Rating — 93.8; QB B: 2008 QB Rating — 95.4

QB A: 2008 Most Rushes in a Game — 8; QB B: 2008 Most Rushes in a Game — 8

QB A: 2008 Most Rushing Yds in a Game — 36; QB B: 2008 Most Rushing Yards in a Game — 82

Signature Win?

Quarterback A: 300-yard, 3-TD game at winless Detroit Lions.

Quarterback B: 4-TD game at eventual NFC champion Arizona Cardinals.

At the beginning of the season, based on these percentages, one would think that both of these quarterbacks would have jobs as starters for most teams in the NFL.  Such was not the case — and in the case of Quarterback B, whose numbers so closely mirror those of Quarterback A, he not only did not have a job, but was widely considered unfit for the position.

Can you name these players?

Click these links for the answers.

Quarterback A.

Quarterback B.

In looking beyond the statistics, it is clear that these two quarterbacks have traveled different paths.  However, it is likely that at the conclusion of the 2009 season, their paths will begin to collide more frequently, and for the exact same reason.

When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.


  1. Good stuff.

    I knew who one of the Qbs were (the one with the 95.4 QB rating) without looking at the link. However, I won’t spoil it for anyone else who reads this blog. I’ll wait until you reveal the answers openly.

  2. Thanks. I don’t think the readership is large enough to worry about disclosure. 🙂

    I knew you’d know. Was the first QB (without revealing the name) a surprise to you?

  3. I like the way you laid the numbers out ahead of the names. It’s getting really hard to watch football when you clearly can hear a bias from all quarters relative to a players ability or lack thereof. If only I could watch Canadian Football on a regular basis, I wouldn’t have to care about all of the b.s. that’s part and parcel to a Black person invading the “Whitopia” of the quarterback position.

  4. Will do! I’ve been out of the blog loop for a bit, but will be digging back in…

    Anyway, I hope that the twins are treating you ok…

  5. No doubt. It’s still a blast – and gets better every day. I know you’re doing your thing. Keep it up! Glad to have you whenever you can make it. I’ve been cranking out some NFL stuff — usually 3 or 4 days a week on different topics.

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