Matthew Stafford is Faster than you think

In the 20-yard shuttle, he was .2 slower than speedy Steeler WR Mike Wallace.  In the 40-yard dash, Wallace ran a 4.34; Stafford ran a 4.81.  Still some players play games faster than they run under a clock.  Sometimes duress brings out a man’s inner Bolt.

Exhibit A:


3rd and 9. Vikings send Slot Corner on a Blitz.

Check out the DB leaning forward on the 21 yard line.  He’s coming.


Holy Cow!! That DB is on the 11 yard line!!

The coverage is breaking down.


Here come the Vikings...all of them!!

Is this even supposed to be a race?  Jared Allen is coming.  That blitzing DB is coming.


Fear and Trembling?

Stafford took off.  The DB didn’t take a good angle, but so far, no one has laid a hand on the young lion.


Gassed and Out of the Play

Stafford’s still going.  Now there are four Vikings in hot pursuit, but that blitzing DB is pulling up.  He’s done.

Stafford_Wheels6 The Vikings FINALLY get a hand on Stafford…as he dives for the first down out of bounds.

The Lions and Matthew Stafford were not awarded a first down on this play.  The referees rightly called that he went out of bounds before reaching the marker.  Still, this play served notice that Stafford can win with more than his arm.  The Vikings won this game.

The next week, Stafford converted a 3rd and 13 play by running for 22 yards against the Redskins.  That was in the midst of a 99-yard touchdown drive that culminated with a fade pass in the endzone to former Arizona Cardinal Bryant Johnson.  The Lions won that game and broke a 19-game losing streak.

There is a new kid in town and the Lions may do some more winning before he’s done.

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