NFL Hall of Fame: Fan Voting

The NFL, in partnership with an over-the-top corporate entity, has developed a very intriguing web site for people interesting in voting on the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010.  The site features graphics to tell you how other fans have voted: by favorite team, by age, by gender, by region.  The site has video of players and previous Hall of Fame speeches.  It is a real showcase for 2010.

This is potentially one of the greatest classes of all time: Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Cris Carter and many others.  The site is great because it provides dynamic interfaces to see every person who is eligible for enshrinement.

I voted for Dermontii Dawson.  He was the best center of his generation, without question, but is flying beneath the radar in these conversations because during his playing days, he was in the trenches.  It may also be that his teams never won a Super Bowl.

The web site is probably best viewed using Firefox with plug-ins that allow you to block ads.  Van Heusen has gone gonzo with the ads.  It’s absolutely over the top.  Firefox will allow you to get to the content without being overwhelmed.


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