Bears Win! Bears Win!

Tillman Laundry

"Let My Jersey Go!" -- Moses

4th quarter.  Score tied at 14.  All alone on an island with the Super Bowl MVP.  What do you DO!!!

Reach, grab, hold, impede, alter….and hope.  No catch, no TD!  No flag, no embarrassment.

That was CLOSE!!!

Jeff Reed has to make those kicks.  I hate the Bears!


  1. You know, I actually forgot about that play where Holmes’ jersey was being pulled by Tillman. I wonder if that penalty would’ve been called in Pittsburgh?

    Also, I read yesterday where Tyrone Carter said he was playing injured(thigh) and flirted with calling a timeout before he was beat on the last TD pass by Cutler. I was wondering why he didn’t jump the route on the blitz when I saw the replay. I guess now I know why. 🙂

  2. Holmes still should have caught the ball — but the thing about this play isn’t so much that grabbing Holmes shirt slowed down Santonio, it’s that grabbing the shirt allowed Tillman to regain his balance and momentum. If he doesn’t grab the shirt, he’s going to slide right out of the frame. Essentially, he did the equivalent of drafting in auto racing and used that to propel himself forward. It was a great play on his part.

    I don’t love Carter. I suppose its impossible to love Polamalu’s backup, but the Steelers need to upgrade there.

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