The Annual Blink Job: USC Loses to Who?

Once again, the USC Trojans managed to lose to a low flying team in the Pac-10. It wasn’t Stanford or UCLA or Oregon State. This time it was in Seattle. This time it was at the hands of the Washington Huskies and the new “USC North” coaching staff of Steve Sarkisian.


Before the game, USC head coach Pete Carroll and his former offensive coordinator, Sarkisian, talked about how much they looked forward to this game. The implications for Washington were clear at the outset.

A win means a return to the Don James era; to succesful national recruiting trips to California, Texas and Florida; and to meaningful football. Ty Willingham didn’t leave the cupboard bare – he just left the trophy case empty.

That could all change quickly on the heels of the Huskies 16-13 shocker.

USC seems to do this every season. At some point in December, Pete Carroll And the national media will once again ask us to forget this early season loss — and remember how they just smoked Cal and UCLA.

Once again, they’ll find themselves on the outside, looking in on a national championship conversation between an SEC and Big 12 team that didn’t stub its toe trying to trample scrubs in Cupcake City.

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