Cushy Deal 101

From AP:

“The Titans (3-2) and Packers (3-1) have finished exhibition play against each other the last eight years, with Tennessee going 6-2.”

I knew there were certain franchises that had natural rivalries with one another and others that partake in pre-season competitions steeped in tradition.  The Jets and Giants, for example, play what is known as The Mayor’s Trophy Game during the 3rd week of each NFL exhibition season.

I had no idea that the Titans and Packers had been playing one another for close to a decade.  Financially, this is a great deal for the Titans — and it was better when it brought Brett Favre to town.  The Packers are a national draw.  Fans will turn out, even in pre-season, to see a high-quality non-traditional opponent.

The Packers are in the NFC North and the Titans are in the AFC South, so they rarely play one another in the regular season.

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