Court of Appeals and Common Sense

The court says it was a crime.

Common sense says it was a crime.

But, you still want to see the list.  You want to SEE the list because you’re tired of HEARING about the list.  And you’re not tired in that water boarding torture sort of way.  You’re not tired in that tied to the plantation for life sort of way.  You’re tired in that, “Not on the website again!” sort of way.  You’re tired in that wimpy, punk ass, post-modern sort of way.  You’re mentally exhausted from thinking about how your comfort relates to the liberties of others.  You’re wiped out because you’re a couch potato with a remote control and a pathological unwillingness to change the channel.  You’d rather see freedoms pissed away and see the law trampled than change the channel.

How have you come to this lowly position?  Is it the commercials?  Is it the beer?  Is it your fanaticism for your team and your steroid users?  Is it the catchy little theme song?

You don’t want the leakers to go to jail.  You don’t even know who the leakers are.  You don’t care that they traffic and profit from illegally obtained information seized in violation of binding agreements.  You still listen to that catchy little tune.  You still honor their advertisers and their bosses.  You still pay homage to their insight and “perspective.”  They’re still you’re first source of information — and yet, they lie and protect the leakers in order to seduce your inner whore with tales of sordid morality.  Do you really need to see the list?  Wouldn’t you much rather see ALL of the people who trample on the laws of the nation thrust behind bars — from the thieving IRS agents to the spineless reporters and their greedy editors and producers?  Would you like to see Roberts serve a bid?  Fainaru-Wada up the river?

If you want to see a list, call for a list of the leakers — and the reporters who hide them.

At the end of the day, the only question is, “Could you have sold out for less?”

This lawbreaking bastard, here, needs to spend a few years in the pokey.  Maybe five would do the trick.


And if you don’t know who this and you STILL wanted to see the list, you’re a bigger ass than you know.


  1. Good points man.

    All those reporters who broke the law, what’s their excuse now?

    “The public has a right to know.”

    Complete crap. If we’re applying the “public figures” doctrine to athletes, when do the camera addicted journalists who cover them rise to the level of public figures. I wonder.

  2. I think you’re on to something. I remember there being a case where some religious group that was being targeted by the IRS actually hired private investigators to peer into the private lives of the investigators. Allegedly, their findings were such that the IRS backed off. I have to find the goods on that one — but that’s certainly an option that’s open to NFL players. I don’t think it would cost much. Some of the on-air personalities are starting to make good money now — and you know they’re crossing the line on several levels (assuming they are “average” Americans). A few are probably tax-cheats or adulterers or worse. There would be no need to whitemail them — just put the information out there for public consumption — and then let their editors deal with the repercussions.

  3. Amen, send the “lawbreaking bastard” to jail… Also Fainaru-wada, Roberts, Michael schmidt — all of them. If Fainaru-wada and Williams did their bid, then we would have even worried about the rest…

  4. Temple

    Man, most of the cats at the ESPN who are on-air make just as much money as your lower level NFL players. That doesn’t even discuss the executives. People have to learn the game.

    ESPN may have a stranglehold on the industry, but they still have some competitors. Players need to learn how to selectively feed people information to strike back at the behemoth. Stop begging ESPN for fair coverage and start forcing them to act right. The first step is social media, but they’ve also got to use mainstream avenues.

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