Philadelphia Eagles Sign Michael Vick

During the game between the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers and last year’s contender, the Arizona Cardinals, it was announced that the Philadelphia Eagles have ended the suspense about the football future of Michael Vick.  Interestingly, I haven’t written a word about this issue on this site in a very long time.  Today, I decided to say a few words based on the reports from former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy that a signing was imminent.  Vick has a chance to do some things — and he won’t be under any “special” pressure to perform.  The Eagles already have a Super Bowl caliber offense, a Pro Bowl QB and a rabid fan base that boos everyone in sight.

I guess they can go ahead and finish taping that “60 Minutes” episode.  This is going to be a hot topic for awhile.  Don’t be surprised if you see lots of Michael Vick in January and February as the Eagles make a deep playoff run to Super Bowl XLIV.


  1. T3,

    I just found a reason to root for the Eagles this year. I’ll be pulling for them to come out of the NFC. However, should they meet the Steelers in the SuperBowl, that’s where it ends. 🙂

  2. I thought he’d be headed to Seattle – and reunited with Jim Mora Jr., once Matt Hasselbeck’s immobile arse had that next concussion. If you could get Vick and Tim Tebow on the same squad next year…….

  3. GN:

    Ditto. Like I said last year, the key to that team winning is their pass-run balance. If they’re balanced, no team in the NFC can beat them. The Giants have a great deal to prove. The Bears are a work in progress. The Panthers have to get Delhomme right. The Cardinals are going to be a tough out, but if Philly is focused, that game will be played on an icy field at the Linc.

    I thought Philly was already the favorite to win the NFC, but this only makes them stronger.


    That would be very interesting. If Tebow was featured as a “fullback” in a pro-set formation with a halfway decent RB and Vick, that team would be formidable. Defenses would really have to be on their toes for any number of plays.

  4. The only thing that worries me about Philly is they don’t have that big, bruising Bam Morris type back to pound the ball on 3rd/4th & short situations (unless they’ve got someone i don’t yet know about). They also have to worry about Andy Reid opting to pass when they should be running the ball.

    I also think that the new DC will have a challenge on his hands in getting the defense to response they way they have under the late JJ (RIP). If they can (have) address those situations, they should be playing in the big game come late January/early Feb.


    Seattle wouldn’t have been a good fit and i’m sure Vick knew that. When Mora was here in Atlanta, he and Greg k”NAP”p didn’t know how to use Vick. They also didn’t add weapons around him to enhance the offense. Vick was frustrated with Knapp’s offense (or lack there of) because his (Knapp’s) playcalling was/is juvenile. He has no creativity in his schemes and is afraid to turn the offense loose. It took the constant criticism of the FANS in order to get him to add some diversity in his offense in his final year here. And even then, he resorted back to his ‘old’ ways. I still don’t understand how he got a job as an OC.

  5. GN:

    I believe you’re correct about that. We talked about that last year. Although, given their offense, they need a bruiser to wear down defenses during the game as much as (if not more) they need a guy for short-yardage conversions. That’s one of the toughest jobs in football. When everyone knows that bruiser is coming in to get short, tough yards, it’s even more difficult. It seems like the opposing defense is never tired when they play the Eagles — unless they wound up chasing Westbrook all game.

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