Off-Season Football Fix: All Non-Super Bowl

Big up to Yahoo Sports and Jason Cole for this one:

Call them the greatest collection of players who never got anywhere … or at least not to the big game. Not only did they fail to win a Super Bowl, they never even reached one.

Ten years following Barry Sanders’ abrupt retirement from the Detroit Lions prior to the opening of training camp, we take a look at the best players with the skimpiest résumés in terms of team accomplishments. Each member of this team played at least half of his career since the first Super Bowl following the 1966 campaign.

And you’ve got to love the Active and Frustrated List.   (I’d rather see Ed Reed on that list than Troy “Touch Me Twice” Polamalu.)


  1. I don’t really have a comment relative to the topic (Not yet anyways). I just wanted to thank you for posting that wonderful picture. 🙂

  2. Yeah, my wife hates that picture. She says, “How you gonna be all ‘Temple3’ and have THAT up?” I think every artist needs a muse. Are you not a-mused?!?

    Check out the article anyway. I thought it was very good. The one place where I’d take issue with the writer is with his characterization of Kellen Winslow, Sr. as ‘loud.’ That’s preposterous. His son is loud. KW, Sr. was not loud and is not loud. He spent a good portion of his career talking to people who were DEEF, especially with respect to racism. All that notwithstanding, the writer makes a case for Ozzie Newsome, but I still think Winslow was on another level. I remember both of their careers and I’d take Winslow, but wouldn’t complain one bit if I was ‘stuck’ with Newsome.

  3. I’m “a-mused”!

    co-sign on Winslow on “loud”…

    I think that at each person’s peak Winslow was probably best, but Ozzie sustained that level for longer. those were the days when all the great TE’s were in the AFC (Todd Christen was no slouch) and some scrub would represent the NFC

  4. I finally read the article, and I must agree that it is solid and well thought out. However, I think my list would be slightly different. For example, I’d have Eric Dickerson over Earl Campbell but you can’t lose with either.

    And i’ll co-sign along w/ MODI regarding Winslow, Sr. being “loud”. His play on the field was “loud” is how I would describe him. I’d take him over Ozzie, too.

    The “Active & Frustrated List” is classic. I think the writer and I see eye-to-eye on that one.

    Hetep (peace),


  5. I’d say the difference between Newsome and Winslow is two-fold. Part of it is generational. Newsome was more of a classic 1970’s style tight end. He played in a run-first system in a bad weather stadium. His biggest rivals were the Steelers and Bengals.

    Winslow was a classic 1980’s tight end who played in a perfect weather stadium on a pass-first team. His athleticism was superlative, but it’s hard to argue against a guy who caught more than 650 balls and was durable.

    It’s easy for me to prefer Winslow based on my memories of his effortless movements, but Newsome’s skill set and toughness can’t be overlooked.

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