Could You Survive with A Billion Dollars?

Self-Destruction 101.

Could you make it with a billion dollars in your bank account?

Could you survive the waves of gold diggers and blood suckers with blood ties and phat thighs and prophetic types who would be at your feet?

Could you outlast the fiendish Wall Street hucksters and the pleading investors or the pleasing digestors wanting to chew on your intestines?

How long would you last?

What would you do?

Would you fly solo or with a team?  If so, who’s on your team?  Do you a “Hell NO!!” person”?  Who is it?  Who loves you and won’t be seduced by someone else?

What would be written on your tombstone or vase of ash?  Would it be about your life or your waste of the cash?


  1. If one is politically conscious, I’ve determined that the money could be put to great use and effect, now, with the empire on on the ropes. I still question if serious building could be done here, but I would nonetheless invest at least 100 million within my hometown, Detroit.

    Detroit failed to put aggressive measures in place to create businesses stemming from those high schoolers newly trained in the trades through four huge Vocational Schools (Focus: HOPE, which trains machinist, could be thrown in for good measure) that remain preeminent, I believe, amongst such schools within the inner cities.

    With there now being no major grocery stores within Detroit, now would be the time to connect with Black Farmers and set up Farmer’s Markets/African Marketplace. I’d set up a massive one in the middle of Highland Park on the grounds of the historic Model T Plant. Most conveniently, train tracks run right through the complex so many of the farmers goods could be shipped via train. With State of the Art refurbishments, I’d push for this facility, through “green technology”, to ultimately rival Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco or Faneuil Hall/Quincy/Boston Market (the same team that designed the aforementioned also designed Baltimore’s Inner Harbor).

    A considerable sum I’d invest in Brazil as well as continental Africa in various business interests. At this point in life, very little would be wasted.

    Please believe it, I’d have enough in the works to where the Bernie Madoffs of the world wouldn’t be a factor.

  2. In terms of flying solo or with a team, flying or rolling with a team seems to be the only way. One spreads out the risk so more endeavors can be embarked upon. If one should happen to come into such a large sum (ideally, they grow the sum with a team that has also acquired individually acquired resources, as well), it might make sense to provide trusted friends with large sums so that they can, then, still invest and provide the input necessary to achieve desired outcomes.

  3. It’s not so clear to me that the Empire is on the ropes.

    The visible face of the Empire is certainly reeling, but that’s not the actual Empire. The people with the means to direct the Empire and doing just fine. This seems to be a particularly strong squeeze on the public in order to induce a particular result.

    The question of political consciousness and a billion dollars doesn’t mean that you survive because of what you know. What you know and try to do, however discretely, can put you right between the crosshairs. So, could you survive with political consciousness and a billion dollars vs. trillions of opponents? if so, for how long? Could you pull it off till the ripe old age of 80 or 90? Would you inexplicably disappear from the game like Reginald Lewis?

  4. I would get my immediate and extended family set for the future and immediately transfer the remaining 900 million or so to an institution that has the power, resources and integrity to dispose of it effectively on behalf of the needy. A man should know his limitations.

  5. This empire has lost quite a bit of it’s ability to surreptitiously produce paramilitary vehicles such as Jeep, now in the hands of Fiat, and Hummer, now owned by the Chinese. Other major producers (like Caterpillar)of durable goods are also reeling and the demand indicators confirm this. The unintended consequences of measures such as GATT and NAFTA had already undercut U.S. production of textiles and steel before this recent economic collapse.

    Perhaps “on the ropes” is the wrong term; more like preoccupied with domestic challenges, such that global hegemonic rule has been shifted to the backburner, if you will.

    Providing sums to institutions that can utilize them definitely seems to be a great route to go. However, the question is – are there needs presently being unmet that no institution is targeting that you could attempt to address? You can look soberly at your limitations knowing that you may lack the requisite expertise, etc., but those needs will be still looking back at you. Thus, the question is – do you nonetheless attempt positive change, knowing that there is much you do not know as well as expertise you lack, or not?

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