Taliban — Under the Western Media’s Full Court Press

CIA and company seeks out bad guys to subsidize. Mainstream media picks out bad guys to demonize. Cross fire? Nationals in the targeted territory.

The US pimped Pakistan for $10B worth of military support (staging, etc.) according to at least one source. Are the Taliban in Pakistan because the US chose to use Pakistan as a staging ground — with the intent of drawing the Taliban into that state? Neither group has any respect for Pakistani sovereignty. The Taliban tightened their grip on a lot of nothing.

clipped from www.washingtonpost.com

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, May 4 — Taliban forces tightened their grip on Pakistan’s Swat region Monday and continued resisting the military’s efforts to dislodge them from neighboring Buner, bringing a fragile peace accord closer to collapse and the volatile northwest region nearer to full-fledged conflict.

Yet even as the Taliban continued its rampage and rejected the government’s latest concession to its demands — the appointment of Islamic-law judges in Swat — Pakistan’s military leaders clung to hopes for a nonviolent solution, saying that security forces were “still exercising restraint to honor the peace agreement.”

Behind this strained hope for a peaceful solution lie an array of factors — competing military priorities, reluctance to fight fellow Muslims, lack of strong executive leadership and some internal sympathy for the insurgents — that analysts say have long prevented the Pakistani army from making a full-fledged assault on violent Islamist groups.
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