“No, no…not OUR money.”

You’re supposed to go after THEIR money.

Are Democrats beginning to falter in the face of an ethical challenge? Probably! And it should surprise no one.

clipped from www.bloomberg.com

May 5 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama’s plan to end
tax breaks for U.S.-based multinational companies drew a
skeptical response from fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill,
indicating that his plan may face obstacles on its path through

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, a Montana
Democrat, called for “further study” of Obama’s proposals
within minutes of the president’s announcement yesterday.
Representative Joseph Crowley, a Democrat on the tax-writing
House Ways and Means Committee, said he’s wary because the tax
changes would hurt Citigroup Inc., his New York district’s
largest private-sector employer.

Other Democrats, including House Ways and Means Committee
Chairman Charles Rangel of New York, support the proposal. Some
lawmakers, including Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, the ranking
Republican on the Senate finance panel, are still weighing the
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  1. “further study”

    I used to work for a boss who would have team meetings, and every time she didn’t like the direction of the conclusion, she would say: “these are good ideas, let’s continue to talk about this”.

    Of course, that meant she disagreed and it would end up going her way after the meeting was over. I would be at the table like: “well, we are talking right now! let’s finish talking!”

  2. MODI,

    I think we’ve all had bosses like that. I remember when I was first let into the loop for a technical group for troubleshooting a special server at my old job. The group was run by the second in command at our factory. I was told when they first let me in the group that what those of us who weren’t the second in command thought and said didn’t matter. For the first two meetings, I’d voice my opinion, but the second in command always ended up getting his way. Of course, after trying things the second in command’s way didn’t work, we inevitably disobeyed orders and did them our own way, just not telling him how we got things to work.

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