One Somalian’s Ironic Perp Walk

From the New York Times:

The U.S. officials said the teenager was brought to New York to face trial in part because the FBI office here has a history of handling cases in Africa involving major crimes against Americans, such as the al-Qaida bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa in 1998.

Court documents list the suspect’s name as Abduhl Wali-i-Musi, which the boy’s parents have said is incorrect.

Ron Kuby, a New York-based civil rights lawyer, said he has been in discussions about forming a legal team to represent the Somali suspect.

”I think in this particular case, there’s a grave question as to whether America was in violation of principles of truce in warfare on the high seas,” said Kuby. ”This man seemed to come onto the Bainbridge under a flag of truce to negotiate. He was then captured. There is a question whether he is lawfully in American custody and serious questions as to whether he can be prosecuted because of his age.”

This story is front-page today.  When the verdict is released, it will happen at the close of business on a Friday evening and it will be carried in the papers on a Saturday.  It will not be discussed the next day on the Sunday talk shows.  It will not be picked up again on Monday.

From now until this case is closed, the US will ramp up its actions in the region.  The US will use this incident in much the same way it used the sinking of the USS Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Bay of Pigs and the Search for Weapons of Mass Distraction.  Remember this moment.

The New York Times and the federal government are simply engaged in the latest right brained propaganda effort designed to poison the well.   The editors of the New York Times know full well that most folks do not have the inclination or time to read the entire article.  That’s why these substantive concerns raised by Ron Kuby are at the conclusion of the article.  The image of the perp walk is first and is intended to form a seal on your receptiveness to alternative issues and considerations.

The Times has already issued an indictment and reached its final conclusions.

A Somali teenager arrived to face what are believed to be the first piracy charges in the United States in more than a century, smiling but saying nothing as he was led into a federal building under heavy guard.

Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, the sole surviving Somali pirate from the hostage-taking of an American ship captain, was to appear in a courtroom Tuesday on what were expected to be piracy and hostage-taking charges.

Have you made up your mind?  Has someone made up your mind for you?  Is it even your mind?

New York Times - Perp Walk Image - SomaliaNew York Times – Perp Walk Image – Somalia

The image is intended to close the case.  Is the case closed?

A case that involves INVISIBLE players like Italian and Swiss firms, vicious Italian mobsters, perfidious British and American military leaders, and contracted Somali servants, two murdered Italian journalists and minimal fatalities could not be CLOSED when it hasn’t even begun to be discussed.

What about this case?

Europe's Waste in Somalia

Europe's Waste in Somalia

More of Europe's Waste in Somalia

More of Europe's Waste in Somalia

Open and Shut, Isn’t It?

And some people actually think the New York Times should be saved (perhaps through some form of corporate welfare) from its impending demise at the hands of our latest technology.  Some say that democracy will be undermined if we don’t have a “free press” in America.  Guess what!!  We don’t have a free press or a democracy in America.  We have all the trappings — shiny voting machines, snappy charts and diagrams about red and blue states, and dippled chads.  What we don’t have is an authentically accountable government of representatives at risk for their livelihood based on their capacity to represent their constituents.  That, we don’t have.  And one of the reasons we don’t have it is because entities like the Times skew critical issues in order to serve a larger agenda.

In the long run, Americans will not be served by the Times’ routine demonization of Black teenagers whether those children hail from Harlem or Somalia.  Nor will Americans be served by embracing the Times’ version of what has transpired in Africa.  Two Italian journalists were killed when they initiated an investigation into this very issue.  The dumping of toxic waste and illegal fishing in Somali waters are fundamental to understanding this issue.  It is also fundamental to understand that when headlines have been made for murder over the past two weeks, the French and the Americans did the killing.  The overwhelming majority of violence associated with “piracy” occurs in the Straights of Malacca and off the coast of Nigeria — not Somalia.  Americans have to begin to read between the lines and think independently.  Then, we need to tie that independence of thought to independence of action.

We are saddled with politicians who wage war in our name without our permission.  We are saddled with idiots in Washington and our state legislatures who rush to surrender billions of dollars to billionaires, then say the entire process was too complex for them to understand — and that they were misled.  It’s time for them to go.  It’s time for them to be just as worried about their safety as politicians were in 1990’s Somalia were when they inked a deal with the devil.  They acted without the sanction of their people.  So it is in America when the so-called citizens of this nation rant on and on to the world about the nature of democracy.  Meanwhile, the fact is that Americans haven’t seen a democracy since long before 1776.

The complicity of the New York Times and our education/media information systems in providing Perp Walks of black teens instead of Perp Walks by these men (pictured below) is one reason we are in this mess.

Fueled Military and Economic Crisis in SomaliaFueled Military and Economic Crisis in Somalia

George Herbert Walker Bush: Criminal par excellence.  His dubious distinctions in Somalia:

In January 1991, Somalia’s president Mohammed Siad Barre was overthrown by a coalition calling itself the United Somali Congress which then divided into two groups – one led by Ali Mahdi Muhammad, who became president, and the other led by Mohammed Farah Aidid.

Fighting broke out among rival clans, and food shortages became widespread. Pictures of starving Somalis were repeatedly broadcast in the United States.

In a bid to destroy the forces of Mohammed Farah Aidid, on December 12, 1992, the U.S., undercover of a “humanitarian mission” invaded Somalia. In the following ten months, 10,000 Somalis died in battles with the U.S.

Military Thug and Phenotype Shield for White SupremacyPhenotype Military Shield (see below)

Colin Powell: Dead and dying Somlians are great for public relations.

In the beginning of the military intervention in 1992, Colin Powell, at the time the chairman of the Pentagon’s Join Chiefs of Staff, called the invasion a “paid political advertisement” for the Pentagon at a time (less than a year after the end of the so-called Cold War) when Congress was under growing pressure to cut the war budget. Powell opposed calls that that money be used instead for jobs, education, health care, housing and other social needs, and instead sought to maintain the $300-billion-plus military budget.

In reporting on the U.S./UN Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM), the human rights organization Africa Rights stated that troops “have engaged in abuses of human rights, including killing of civilians, physical abuse, theft. Many UNOSOM soldiers have also displayed unacceptable levels of racism toward Somalis.” These abuses included opening fire with machine guns against unarmed protesters, firing missiles into residential areas and outright murder civilians, including many youth. The report states “UNOSOM has become an army of occupation.”

What’s a “Phenotype Military Shield”?  – A phenotype military shield (PMS) is someone whose appearance is used to delay, halt or otherwise undermine principled opposition from persons saddled by liberalism/paternalism or deficient self-esteem.  This shield is most effective with 2 targets:

  1. If you’re a “white” liberal and don’t want to call out Colin Powell because “he’s BLAAAACK.”  Shuuush!
  2. If you’re “Black” but don’t want to call out Colin Powell because you’re more proud than outraged.  Shuush!

Shame on both of you.

From the International Action Center in 2001:

“Somalia Possible Target” is now a common sentiment echoed in newspaper headlines and statements of Bush administration officials. In some ways, a new war against Somalia has already begun. In November, the U.S. government shut down the Somali-owned Al-Barakat money transfer company, which provided the only way for Somalis living out of the country to send back much-needed funds, known as remittances, which are often vital for family members’ survival. Up to eighty percent of Somalis ‘which is hundreds of thousands if not millions of people’ rely on funds sent by relatives livng outside of the country. This exposes the pretext given by the U.S. government for the 1992 intervention ‘said then to be a mission to help starving people ‘because now the U.S. is imposing measures that will cause Somali people to starve because they are unable to afford food.

The U.S. also shut down Somalia Internet Company, denying all Internet access to Somalis, and has severely restricted international telephone lines. This is really the beginning of a strangulation of the country.

Since the U.S. government cannot implicate Somalia in the events of September 11, they are attempting to justify a new military assault by implying that the Pentagon has unfinished business, that they have a “black eye” and must return with a vengeance. This is the goal of “Black Hawk Down.”

All those who believe in justice for the people of the world must take a stand against U.S. threats against Somalia, Sudan, the Philippines, Iraq, Colombia and everywhere else. We don’t know where the next war will be. The Pentagon has announced that it’s wartime all the time and they will select the targets. But we do know the U.S. public is being prepared to justify another bloody incursion into Somalia.

Accomplice #1:  Ridley Scott.  Director Black Hawk Down.


Taking Shots on Behalf of the Empire.

Accomplice #2: John A. Garcia. Owner, NovaLogic.

No right-brained assault would be complete without video games.  For that, the Pentagon turned to NovaLogic.  The company was created by John Garcia back in 1985, but didn’t really hit paydirt until they started developing military titles for the US Army.  Enter Somalia.

In 2003, NovaLogic put its young minds to work in the design and development of a game that abstracted very complex issues into a “Kill the Somalis” spectacle called Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.


Delta Force - Black Hawk Down.

John Garcia and NovaLogic are no strangers to piracy.  Garcia’s firm was implicated in a business that costs the US as much as $7 billion per year – software piracy.  They played claims amounting to $153k for their theft of protected commercial software.  Is irony the right word to describe a government contractor creating content relating to piracy while being engaged in the same act?

The Black Hawk Down video game, for youth 16 and over, may have actually been used by the Americans who shot and killed the Somalis holding US Captain Richard Phillips.  Surely irony is the right word here.

The American people are being sold a bill of goods.  I’m not confident that the populace will awake from its slumber.  After all, this trick was used successfully in Cuba, Panama, Iraq, Iran, South Africa, Gabon, Congo, Sudan, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan and elsewhere.  As a group, we seem to be no closer to catching on.

When the dinosaur Times breathes its last breath, we’ll all be better off.  We have to more resilient as people than to be beholden to a disinformation machine like the New York Times.  The Times has failed to learn the lesson of the last election cycle — that lies and half-truths can be exposed very quickly.  The New York Times is no longer the “paper of record.”  It is the paper of empire and its days are numbered.

Free your mind.

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