Remember When Somalis Were “White”

Anthropologists really should attend more meetings of the Aryan Nation.  There is a clear and present danger to the myth makers.  This is a time sensitive issue and scholars must proceed with all deliberate speed.  The recent skirmishes in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean (formerly the Ethiopian Ocean) has threatened to pop the lid on one of the oldest scams in the pseudo-science business of race-baiting.  Some reactionary “whites” all over the world have taken to derisively labeling the Somalis in exactly the same anti-African terms used for Blacks all over the planet.  In their anger and frustration at being called to account for things like stealing fish and illegally dumping nuclear waste, these people have gone off the deep end and lumped Somalis with the rest of the folks in Africa — and even many of the people in Yemen and the southern Arabian peninsula.  They ignored the murder of two Italian journalists who were investigating this very same story.  (Perhaps those Italians were from the South and a bit too swarthy for authentic empathy.)  They’ve ignored the pseudo-scientific lessons of their youth which lauded the accomplishments of dark-skinned “white” Hamites who were architects of Nile Valley civilizations.

Carleton Coon, the dean of American white-supremacist anthropologists, is turning over in his hell pit.

Somali Racial Type:


“FIG. 1 (2 views). A Somali from the tribe of Mahmud Grade, British Somaliland. This Somali represents the closest approximation to a white man found among his people. The extreme narrowness of his head and face, the straight nasal profile, and the prominence of his chin, mark him as less negroid than many of his fellows. At the same time his skin is nearly black, his hair curly but not frizzy. The type to which this Somali belongs is ancient in East Africa, as shown by the excavations of Leakey in Kenya. It is a specialized, locally differentiated Mediterranean racial form.”

[Carleton S. Coon. The Races of Europe. MacMillan, 1939]

Coon, like so many others, put the cart before the horse.  He wildly asserted that Africans had Caucasoid features, rather than recognizing the obvious.  These features which he and others labeled “Caucasoid” were not actually derived from or a function or so-called “whiteness.”  In fact, those features pre-date the emergence of so-called “white” people.  It should have been painfully obvious — but it wasn’t.  For him, the truth of the matter was just painful.  The truth was that a “Caucasian” could be as Black as night — as long as they were part of a civilization to which a claim might be made.  If the group was an unaccomplished as the British were for so many centuries (thank God for the Romans and the Norman French), the group with the same features would be labeled “Negro.”  That Johann Blumenbach created the term “Caucasoid” which immersed in a fantasy over the skull of a young Georgian (as in Russia) girl was of no consequence.  Coon and other so-called scholars simply leapt to conclusions that look fairly ridiculous today.

To suggest that the man in the picture posted above has a differentiated Mediterranean racial form says more about the presence of Africans in the Mediterranean (on both sides) than it does about the presence of so-called “whites” in the Horn of Africa.

Coon’s angst at viewing these images pushed him beyond the brink of logic.

So it is with the outraged Europeans and Americans who have taken such umbrage at being called to account by the lowly Blacks of everyone’s ancestral home.

There is a good deal more information about recent events in Somalia on this site.  Feel free to look around — and take a lot at these links from The DailyKos for more information.

1.  Somalia Pirates Are An American Policy Blowback

2. The Origin of Terrorism

3. The Elephant in the Living Room

Somalians have never been “white.”  They’ve never been “Caucasoid” after all the term didn’t even exist until the late 1800’s.  Maybe those people called Caucasians — who choose to answer to such an absurd appellation actually have Somaliloid features as the historical reach of Somalis extends much farther than that say, Sweden or Bulgaria or anywhere else in Europe.  The son looks like the father — don’t get it twisted.  They are a people in need whose story is being framed improperly for nefarious reasons.  Don’t believe everything you read — even here.

Question and confirm…and question again and again and again.

Finally, it’s not that Carleton Coon didn’t have enough of a credibility problem, he also worked as a spy during World War II.


  1. A Somali female here, I agreed with a lot of what you said like Somalis aren’t white! I just recently came across a lot of those kinds of articles and I thought that was absurd! I was kind of offended believe it or not. We are not white and we aren’t negroid! We are indigenous people!! We are the ancient people of Egypt! Ancient was never aryan or Arab. They were Somalis and nubians. Somalis were here way before all the race. East Africa is where life began!

  2. If you weren’t Negroid, it would be a lot easier to tell you apart from African-Americans and a lot of times that is hard to do. If one has to look hard to tell you apart from African-Americans, then the difference is more tribal than racial. You are Negroid.

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