European Dumping Devils With Details – Somalia Uncovered

From the 2005 National Rapid Environmental Desk Assessment (UN):

Marine and Coastal Environment

The coastline of Somalia is 3,898 kilometres long and about 55 per cent of its population lives along this coastline. With an area of continental shelf of 40,392 square kilometres and territorial sea of 68,849 square kilometres, it produces about 900 metric tonnes (1997 estimate) of molluscs and crustaceans and 20,000 metric tonnes (2000 estimate) of marine fish. The coastline consists of patches of swamp and related vegetation which includes mangroves and savannah related vegetation. The coastal and marine environments have been subjected to a variety of pressures including erosion, oil pollution, waste dumps, human settlements and the discharge of municipal waste water due to the lack of proper water and sanitation facilities.

Somali waters have a high potential for fishing. As a result, the Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister has indicated that a study by his ministry had shown a large number of foreign vessels illegally fishing in Somali waters and serious pollution caused by vessels discharging toxic waste. Heavily armed foreign boats have often tried to exploit the breakdown of law and order in Somalia since the overthrow of President Mohammed Siad Barre in 1991 by fishing in the rich Somali waters, thus depriving coastal communities of resources. However, there has not yet been any fish stock assessment undertaken for the country to enhance better management decisions for the efficient utilization of this resource.

In 2009, four years AFTER the issuance of this report and almost 20 years AFTER the demise of the government of Said Barre, the Western media is conspiring with Italian, British, Dutch, Belgian, French and other European criminals to mask dirty deeds which have stripped this impoverished region of its capacity to feed itself.

When these criticisms were laid at the door of Europe in the 1990’s, the states that benefitted from tax revenues from this criminality begged for “proof” of malfeasance.  The testimony of 9 million Africans was insufficient.

In 2005, the tsunami ripped the coast apart and verified that which had been claimed for years.  Now that Somalis have taken matters into their own hands — after requesting relief from the West and receiving none — they are being labeled as criminals attacking defenseless sailors.

Lies, all lies.

Europe is still stealing with relative immunity from Africa.  That a handful of ships have been seized for engaging in a seedy business is no tragedy.  The tragedy will be if the freedom-loving citizens of these Western states allow their respective militaries to be dragged into this fight.

This is the face of a courageous African resistance to the predations of over-capitalized and unscrupulous predators on one nation’s primary means of survival:

Somalian Maritime Resistance ForcesSomalian Maritime Defense Forces


  1. You’re a sad and twisted individual. Anyone who supports these vermin is no better than they are and truly deserves to share their fate.

  2. I totally agree. I can only assume that by “sad and twisted” that you’re referring to Said Barre and don’t realize that he’s dead. Otherwise, you have a deep moral crisis of which you’re unaware. Of course, by “vermin” you MUST be referring to the Italians and other Europens. Anyone who can support those European bastards deserves whatever happens to them. If you’re defending the right to steal a nation’s food supply and the right to poison their waters over the right to sail the ocean, there is no point in you posting again. I’m sure you just missed the Barre funeral. You couldn’t be that much of an arse Could you?

    Thanks Jo.

  3. Sadly, you’re right; there’s no point in commenting here. You prefer subhuman filth or civilized humans. If and when we burn them out, I’ll laugh over your anguish. It’ll be an extra bonus. 😉

    Let me guess, you support Hamas and Al-Qaeda as well. Is it by any chance a racial problem? Do you find yourself hating Whites in general?

  4. You know what they say about throwing a brick into a pack of dogs. This particular, apparently, is even able to fish for red herring. What a hoot.

  5. Hey T3,

    Cnulan turned me on to your site. Nice piece, I’m going to check out some of the links. I find it interesting you have similar morons (hi jonolan) as the other sites. How someone dares to use the terms “filth” and “civilized” in a conversation about African and European interactions is beyond me knowing the colonial history. Perhaps you revise your assessment jonolan.

  6. Thanks, DMG. Welcome.

    I find that folks tend to fall into one of a few different camps. Either they know and are simply committed to upholding the lie OR, they unwitting beneficiaries of the “white” self-esteem curriculum that was spawned in Germany, France and England awhile back. Whichever way they want to work it — I’m flexible.

  7. Mizz, there are about 3 or 4 other posts on the topic here. I believe one may have a HuffPo link. Can’t recall. Also, one Daily Kos writer has written extensively on this – including the UN’s determination that the crisis in Somalia is empirically worse than events in Darfur. The same could be said for Congo. According to TDK, Blackwater is looking to clear all the Blacks out of the water to ensure safe passage for toxic dumping and the theft of fish along the coastal waters.

  8. Well, I’m happy to report that Capt. Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama was freed was freed today and that three of the four vermin who had held him hostage have been exterminated. The fourth is most likely awaiting interrogation and then extermination.

    As you can see, mankind will triumph over it’s enemies. So sorry for you; I know you were hoping for some White deaths.

  9. You’re as dumb as you sound. The Somalis are clearly not seeking to cause death…the French have probably killed more “whites” (or whatever you call yourself these days) than the Somalis. Three deaths is not going to change much of anything. This issue is larger than your myopia will allow. Back to Stormfront, troll.

  10. The issue at hand is the piracy being committed the scum inhabiting the Somali coastline. You might want to describe it racist terms; you certainly seem the type that hates Whites on what passes for your principles. I only concern myself with actions, not the genome of those who commit them.

  11. Man,

    This clown is from Brooklyn.

    He’s been listening to much too much Michael Savage and then exporting that garbage to spots like this one. It’s always interesting to see that the plaid flannel infestation is not confined to flyover country.

  12. I could do all of that, but I don’t really want to know.

    I still waiting for him to talk about fish about nukular waste.

    I don’t even know where he gets this “race” stuff from. It’s not like Italians are a race, let alone the same one as those folks in England purport to be. I can’t do searches AND run the “Lost and Found.”

  13. Did you people know that the tsunami washed up barrels of NUKE WAST …

    They are starving these people then they want to kill the fish …

    All waters connect ….Is this going to kill all the people on our earth ?

    Think these dumping]s can kill the world ….Even the dumb news people can die from this kind of dumping….

    I am not a lier look for real news….

  14. Dumped in Africa: Britain’s toxic waste – Africa, World – The …
    Feb 18, 2009 … Tonnes of toxic waste collected from British municipal dumps is being sent illegally to Africa in flagrant breach of this country’s …


  15. Dumped in Africa: Britain’s toxic waste – Africa, World – The …
    Feb 18, 2009 … Tonnes of toxic waste collected from British municipal dumps is being sent illegally to Africa in flagrant breach of this country’s …


    BY THE WAY THEY DID USE MONIES TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS IN THE BARRELS…Those people have no one policing the waters they do it, they fine the ship’s..
    The ships pay because they don’t want the world court to know …That they are doing this most illegal thing on earth….

  16. Thanks SENA. I believe that Demon Jo is the only person to fail to grasp the ethical issues at work here. All in all, that’s not bad.

  17. Thanks GN.

    I will be working on another post on this topic this evening. The interesting thing is that I came across some articles written about five years on the international scope of these events and a few things came up: 1) most of the events were not occuring in the Gulf of Aden or the western part Indian Ocean. In fact, one article never makes mention of Somalia. The focus was on Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and Nigeria. 2) Piracy has a very strict definition — but the application of that definition is mutable. Nation states have territorial waters in which they reserve the right to do what they like. As such, an act of “piracy” cannot be conducted by sovereign peoples within territorial waters because. A different term is used…so “piracy” has a specific application — and it appears to have been applicable in this particular case involving the Maersk Alabama. That’s to say nothing of the ethical principles at work in defending the coastline.

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