Jamaica: This Is No Time for the Beach

From Youtube:

The video will not play here.  You have to go to YouTube.  Check it out.

According to the reporter, there have been as many murders in Jamaica in the last few years as there were in the past 40 years in Northern Ireland.  The island has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world.  The video is not strong on the politics of the island, but it does a current look at some lives that have been damaged.  Jamaica is a tremendously valuable island for many reasons, cultural and economic.  More on this later.


  1. So you got me looking all around for an underlying economic cause for these bad politics but I’m not finding it. The unemployment rate is high, but the economy itself is not contracting. Looking forward to hearing your analysis of what’s going on here.

    Any semblance to the root causes of more widespread systemic failure in Mexico? (where we know the economy is far more massively hosed)

  2. I’d say this…Island nations that lack infrastructure, capital reserves and diversified economies are all subject to feel adverse impacts harder than others. For example, Jamaica’s economy is sufficiently small and vulnerable that bad weather can cause long-term complications that extend for years.

    The nation, though, is really significant because of its cultural imprint. It remains a leading nation in the English-speaking Caribbean and the UK and others have fought very hard to retain a measure of economic control. Jamaica is still in the position of exporting bauxite — and is subject to receiving lesser revenues based on international competition.

    It is marginalized economically, but has the potential to serve as a catalyst for the entire region. Jamaica is still a country where the threat of political assassination FOR ENTERTAINERS is real – even two decades after Marley was murdered and one decade after Garnet Silk was murdered.

    The marijuana trade is very lucrative. It can’t be sustained under the current model unless it remains illegal and the police are engaged on the side of certain traffickers. Much of this heightened abuse may merely be attributable to periodic fluctuations in a territorial conflict. Nonetheless, the paradigm put down in the 70’s and 80’s looked an awful lot open gang warfare replete with colors and signs plastered all over the nation.

    More later.

  3. Nah, just that the youth are expendable pawns in what amounts to a feudal political struggle amongst grey-haired incumbents…., same story – different island, era, blah, blah, blah….,

  4. It’s a familiar theme.

    What is your take on the idea that internal conflicts over age-ism (grey-haired incumbents sticking around too long and refusing to modernize)has as much to do with our collective condition as anything else?

  5. Magne…., don’t even get me started on all these old useless, gatekeeping, know-nothing, oxygen-thieving, second and third-line inheritors of the civil rights movement. If I could push a button and rapture those busters tomorrow, I’d have my finger on that bad boy all night long tonight!!!!!

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