Origins and Misconceptions of Egypt and Nile Valley Inhabitants

Here is the first in a 7 part series from Professor Shomarka O.Y. Keita of Howard University.  I’m only posting the first few parts here.  The rest are available on YouTube.

Part I:

And Part II:

And Part III:

The academic disciplines applied to this conversation have increased.  The techniques have improved.  The conclusions remain largely the same — except for that unique period of “white supremacist” scholarship which emanated from Germany, France and Britain during the colonial era.


  1. man, what you talkin bout?

    I saw the movie 10,000 B.C. – they showed EXACTLY who was responsible for building them pyramids.

  2. It was some wrinkled up, melanin deficient old raisin. I’m going to assume he was Deucalion or something, the last survivor of Aryan Atlantis. The priests were combo Mayan/Dravidian looking gimps who enforced his ruthless overminding of the slaves taken from African and European stock to do the grunt work of building the pyramids.

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