One Year, One Death, Two Dreams

2008 was a difficult year for me.  On April 1, 2008, one of my best friends and business partner died of a heart attack.  He was 38 years old.  It was not due to smoking or living a sedentary lifestyle or anything like that.  It probably should have been detected by his physician, but it was not.  Perhaps it could have been avoided.  The autopsy report says it was an inherited condition.  My friend had many questions about his roots…so, the fact that he inherited an unknown condition from an unknown forbear only adds to the cruel irony of last April first.

I have not had much of an appetite for writing since his death.  It has only been since the beginning of March that I’ve returned to my beloved keyboard with any regularity.  Sometimes, I’m just sick of reading and writing and deciphering and interpreting and counter-pointing.  Sometimes, I just want my running buddy back.  I’m still in a state of disbelief and may not ever actually “let go.”  Maybe I will.  Deep down inside, I know I have to.  He didn’t belong to me.  He was a gift to me.  And, there can be no doubt that the challenge of this life is to manifest our divine purpose – to serve our fellow human beings and the rest of this creation with our many diverse talents.

I will try to keep that top of mind when I want to retreat from this work-service.  I will remember his contribution to me and thousands of other people during his too short life.


  1. The heart is a remarkable thing in that each day, sadness slowly dissipates but fond, loving feelings remain an eternal flame that you command with every thought, smile, prayer and dream. In memory, he has become apart of you; thus, never far away…

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