Robert Powell’s Funeral – Any Day Now

From (Dallas):

DALLAS – Rushing to see his dying mother-in-law at a Plano hospital, a NFL player found himself delayed by a Dallas officer after he was stopped in the hospital’s ER parking lot.

With his wife and another woman in the car, Ryan Moats – a running back for the Houston Texans – sped his car towards the hospital on March 17. However, when he made it to the ER parking lot, they were stopped by Officer Robert Powell.

Dashcam video from the Dallas officer’s patrol car captured the incident.

“Get in there,” Officer Powell yelled out to Tamishia Moats, Ryan’s wife, as she exited the car. “Let me see your hands. Get in there. Put your hands on the car.”

“Excuse me, my mom is dying,” Moats said.

Moats and the other woman ignored Officer Powell’s commands and rushed inside the hospital to see her mother.

“I’ve got seconds before she’s gone, man,” Moats said to the officer.

Motes couldn’t find his insurance paperwork and was desperate to leave.

“Listen, if I can’t verify you have insurance…,” Officer Powell said.

“My mother-in-law is dying,” Moats interrupted.

“Listen to me,” Officer Powell said.

“Right now,” Moats said. “You’re wasting my time.”

“If you can’t verify you have insurance, I’m going to tow your car,” the officer said. “So, you either find it or I am going to tow the car.”

As they argued, the officer got irritated.

“Shut your mouth,” the officer said. “Shut your mouth. You can either settle down and cooperate or I can just take you to jail for running a red light.”

The clash shocked Moats.

“For him to not even be sympathetic at all, and basically we’re dogs or something and we don’t matter, it basically shocked me,” Moats said.

“I can screw you over,” Officer Powell said. “I would rather not do that. You obviously will dictate everything that happens; and right now, your attitude sucks.”

Twice, the hospital sent nurses to try and get the officer to let Moats go.

“We’re blue coding her for the third time,” the nurse said.

Even a Plano police officer stopped to make a plea for the officer to let Moats go.

“Hey, that’s the nurse,” the Plano officer said. “She says the mom is dying right now and she wants to know if I can get him up there.”

After 20 minutes, the officer ticketed Moats for running a red light.

However, by the time Moats made it up to the ER, she had already passed.

“I went up after she passed and held her hand, but she was already gone,” Moats said.

Dallas police have apologized, dropped the ticket and launched an investigation.

“When it came to our attention, we immediately called for an internal investigation to be done,” said Lt. Andy Havey, Dallas Police Department.

Respect, dignity, death, insurance.


  1. Powell should spend some time with himself. That is the most outrageous cop ego trip ever. The man’s mother died while this guy was being an asshole. Incredible.

  2. robert powell you are a sick bastard.. all i have to say is fuck you and that i wish this story would have ended with moats beating the living shit out of your sorry ass.. i hope someone does the same to you.. goddam cunt

  3. Robert Powell, you are white trash. All you want to do is pick on minorities. Think you’re all big with that police badge and that gun you pulled out of your holster. Robert Powell, you are FIRED and you are kicked to the curb in the worst black gang neighborhood in Texas. You deserve to have no one come visit you when you are code blue in the hospital. Everyone is going turn their back on you. Where does this Robert Powell live? What’s his address? What’s his phone number? What’s his email address? We all got to yell at this goddamn asshole and let know that he doesn’t deserve to be a cop. He deserves to be FIRED and kicked out onto the streets. To HELL with Robert Powell. He deserves all the HELL that he’s going to get and MORE!!!!

  4. Officer Powell’s is nothing more than an arrogant dipshit who deserves the worst. His power trip should be stopped with cold hard lead. All officers like that deserve the same fate, a pine box and a 6 foot hole.

  5. Officer Powell acted arrogantly and unsympathetic…I have to also add that the officer was abusing his authoritarian power. He doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform and disrespected it! My prayers go to the Moats Family!

  6. It’s guys like this that make it VERY difficult for me to believe there is such a thing as a “good cop.” I live in the Dallas area and have yet to run into an officer that doesn’t portray the same power-abusing attitude that Robert Powell portrayed that night. I know they’re out there but apparently there aren’t many. You’ve got to be a pretty heartless SOB to not sympathize with someone who is rushing his family to see their DYING MOTHER. My respect goes out to Ryan Moats and his family for showing restraint in a situation that I personally wouldn’t have. I hope Powell can’t even get a job as a mall cop when this is all said and done.

  7. Take about a worthless cop. He was too busy trying to flex his authority to even do his jobs right. 20 minutes to write a ticket for running a red light – talk about a waste of time. I wonder how many other 911 calls were placed during that time period. I also wonder if they would have dropped the ‘ticket’ if Moats was a bus driver and not an NFL player…

  8. Powell your a fuking PIG!! if that was my mother i would of turn you in to dog shit! i hope you watch you back for this shit for the rest of your life because someone is gonna get ya!!

  9. Does anyone know where we can send mail to this Robert Powell? I am not one who is going to flame or curse at this man or anything absurd. But I think we deserve to let officials know when they have let the people down. This man deserves to have to sift through throusands of pieces of mail or thousands of emails and read what we have to say. Its disgusting, he robbed an innocent man of being able to tell the woman who brought him life and into this world, goodbye.

  10. if he was killed on the job (if he isnt fired which he should be) it would be a good day for the world

  11. No one can view his Xenga blog anymore, but this is what he posted just 18 days before he got his badge. It’s kind of revealing as to his lack of both maturity and professionalism:

    “Monday, August 28, 2006

    The count downs begin:

    18 days of work then the real work starts and I can shoot people

    33 days then own apartment, with cable and high speed internet”

  12. I have NEVER been so upset to hear of a story as this!!!!(Just heard it on the Today Show)
    That officer needs to have his badge removed….he is a disgrace to the law enforcement!
    My heart goes out to the Moats family.

  13. i hope this mother fucker gets his hopefully after he gets fuckin shit canned he wont be able to find a job and will have to suck dick for the rest of his life

  14. Emabarrased…how do you know abt the Xanga blog?!? Stuff like that should be monitored on people in position of power.

  15. I’m very torn on this, I have family who are both Firefighters and Cops.. This is just awful.. Sometimes people are so ignorant to what the future holds and I’m almost positive this guy is regretting this decision to hold the gentlemen, while the mother was taking her last breath. I don’t agree with doing things out of pure spite.. I think we have all made mistakes and we have to pay for them. He should pay for this.

    If we cannot use our hazards for an emergency, then they need to make adjustments to the law. This family was argumentative, they needed to get there..end of story…

    I can’t imagine how this poor guy felt after he was let go to find her already gone. My prayers are for all the parties.. this cop, claimed to have children- he should have really assessed the situation differently and used better judgment.

    Now the whole Nation is judging him! Was it worth it?

  16. just another case of a rookie PUNK cop on a power trip.the scary part is he still thinks he WAS DOING HIS JOB.the police academy must give them tunnel vision,no compasion,evryone is a criminal.reinstate barney fyfe—–iiiiiiiii mean robert powell,give him ONE bullet and assinge him to the hood !!!!!

  17. this cracker’s mom should get shot and the doctors at the hospital should take their sweet time attending to her while this bitch of a cop is tied to a pole in the hospitals parking lot waiting for his mom to die so that he can experience what the moat family have ben through

  18. first of all, as a white person writing this, i love how everyone is playing the racial card once again.. cracker, white trash, etc..??

    although i feel racism may have played a part in this, i don’t think racism had everything to do with this incident.. i think powell is just a sick fuck who knew that moats was an ex-philadelphia eagle and now he’a a houston texan.. since it was in dallas, he just doesn’t like him, considering the same divisional number one rivals and now state rivals..

    i’m not condoning the officer’s behavior by any means.. he should have let moats go without starting any shit with him.. not b/c moats is a football player, but b/c of the fact that his mother-in-law was dying!.. powell should have had compassion b/c everyone knows that he’d be the first person bitching and complaining if it were his mother-in-law and he got stopped by a cop on the way to the hospital..

    second of all, i can see powell getting his gun ready b/c if you pull someone over, you’re supposed to stay in the car.. i’m sure ryan moat’s family were not thinking straight b/c your adrenaline is racing through you when a loved one is dying.. you just want to be with them during their last minutes..

    but for powell to actually threaten him, that was just ridiculous and totally uncalled for!

    when my dad was in the hospital, my mom called me 30 minutes after i left and said that he coded.. i raced to the hospital, going through stop signs, red lights, etc.. but like moats, i stopped, and then proceeded to go through it.. i actually wished that a philly cop would have pulled me over b/c i wouldn’t have stopped until i got to the hospital..

    all i can say is: powell, i hope you are reading this b/c you are one sick mother fucker!.. you should have given a public apology to ryan moats and his family, NOT your police chief.. YOU!

    enjoy hell with the rest of the certain dickheads with unworthy badges!

  19. i watched the video on before it broke on the news and i was so pissed at this officer. i felt so sorry for the Moats family that this arrogant little bastard had such a superior attitude when he could of been compassionate and escorted the family into the hospital. he must have forgot he had a dash cam and i for one am so glad he did. please don’t judge one cop by the behavior of another. i would sue his ass for pain and loss. i apologize to the Moat family on his behalf.

  20. It was his Mother-in-law, NOT his own mother. Whether or not he was detained by police, she died before they got there. The family knew she was dying. Its not like it was a complete surprise. They should have paid their final respects before they left previously. I think the officer just needs sensitivity training and be reassigned to something else. And Dallas law says that they can tow your car without proof of insurance.

  21. Jerry — what are you “defending”? Your points tend toward the ridiculous. The familial relationship is established in the initial post. The towing of the car is immaterial…and you’ve missed the point that the officer was so steeped in the “rules” that he (just like you) missed the larger moment. It’s why he has resigned…it’s why his superiors were embarassed.

    Snap out of your slumber. There is big world out there – jump in — with your eyes wide open.

  22. Robert Powell, you are disgusting. You are a insensitive, threatening, lieing bully that hid behind a badge that you use to shield you from reality. Pig!

  23. Most cops are power tripping jack asses. I’m never surprised when they are murdered because they are widely hated.

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