Quintessentially Deranged: The Pope in Angola

That old bastard has lost his mind.

The 81-year-old pontiff, wearing white robes, looked tired and moved slowly in the tropical heat during the youth appearance in late afternoon.

In the morning, Benedict attracted thousands onto the streets every time his motorcade passed and delighted the crowds by speaking in Portuguese.

Drawing on the more than 500 years of Roman Catholicism in Angola, he called Christianity a bridge between the local peoples and the Portuguese settlers.  The country’s history as a Portuguese colony gave the country Christian roots. Eighty per cent of the 16 million people are Christian, about 65 per cent Catholic.

Has his senile ass forgotten that force and brutality were the bridges between the local peoples and the Portuguese settlers?  Probably not.

These are the ties that bind…invisible children “walking” on crutches without limbs lost in a long, contentious battle over the appropriation of wealth and the creation of a client state.


It’s not good public relations though.  His Foolishness never even bothered to mention the SILVER MINES that were the foundation of that Portuguese religious zeal in the Kongo region.  I’m sure the poor folks rushing out his see His Trickiness didn’t have a recollection of silver, let alone a collection of silver.  Europeans, and Catholics of all stripes in particular, are looking to extend their brand again and

In mountainous Huambo province, home to the fastest-growing evangelical churches in Angola, dozens of people crowd inside the Christ Vision Church, a small tin hut, singing: “You are poor but God loves you.”

Like other evangelical churches across Angola, these two have flourished since the end of civil war in 2002, raising fears among Catholics their Church is losing ground. A visit by Pope Benedict will address that this month.

Just over half Angola’s 16.5 million people are Catholic, but the number of diversified sects has jumped to 900 from just 50 in 1992 — the year the government abandoned Marxism, according to Angola’s national institute on religion.

The Pope’s visit will officially celebrate 500 years of evangelization in Angola, and may bring a boost to Catholic media as part of a Church bid for more hearts and minds.

“The Catholic Church lacks passion. It’s really not a very exciting place,” said Joao, from the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Luanda, before holding his hands in the air to ask God to expel the evil demons from his body.

Less than a block away, a woman knelt down before a statue of Christ in a half-empty Roman Catholic Church and began her daily prayer in silence.

Now, you and I both know that lady didn’t kneel in front of any statue of Christ.  She may very well have knelt in front of the statue of a medieval European model, but that was no Christ.  She should get up off her knees.   There is a nation to be built full of oil and diamonds to be reclaimed from the hustlers and pimps of her home nation and their sponsors in Rome, Paris, London and New York.


That crowd is just big enough to bum rush the show.

I suppose a great deal can be said for the staying power of the African mind if it took five centuries and such concerted effort on the part of the Italians, French, British, Portuguese, Dutch, Germans, Spanish and others to peddle a corrupted doctrine.   Can a brain be bleached as white as a papal robe?


  1. not.good.on.any.level…,

    how come you think the magical thinking of both papists and islamicists has and is finding such fertile ground all across the continent?

  2. material deprivation + sankofa bird (ideologies returning to the birthplace).

    That’s not the bottom line. Many moons ago I wrote about the importance of Africans reclaiming their intellectual heritage. Part of that reclamation project includes asserting their Anteriority and Authority.

    In the minds of most, the anteriority and authority for these faiths lies outside of the continent — in Rome or Mecca or Baghdad or Tehran. There is some merit to those claims, but the work to be done on the continent will ultimately require a larger reconciliation with the past.

    As it stands, folks are walking around looking like appendages to something they created. And much has been lost in translation.

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