Cleveland State Puts Wake to Sleep, 84-69

The Vikings put it on ’em.

If you’ve seen both of these play during the regular season, you had to see this coming.  I’ve only watched a handful of games this season.  I saw Wake play a few times (usually for about 10 minutes in the second half) and was unimpressed.  The team is young and has talent, but often demonstrated an inability to close out games by running an efficient offense.  The team’s concentration seemed to waver and it resulted in losses.  Cleveland State, on the other hand, looks just like the type of team that thrives in the NCAA tournament.  They are two parts old school ’80’s Georgetown and two parts old school ’90’s Arkansas.  They’re fun to watch and very difficult to play.  You better have a bevy of tough, tenacious ball handlers when you play Cleveland State.   Wake Forest had 20 turnovers last night and their season is over.  Who’s next?  Arizona!

Congratulations — again to Cleveland State.


  1. Great win for Cleveland State. It seems that Wake Forest peaked by mid-year then regressed some. Cleveland State could be a bracket buster. We will see.


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