Startin’ Old Shit in New Places: ESPN vs. Owens, Act IV

From ESPN’s  Headline segment at

  • Already, Bills’ T.O. gets what he wants: No. 81

It’s the first bullet.  It’s the lead NEWS headline.  It’s suggestive.  It doesn’t match the story.


Nothing is new here, but when folks look back on who fired the first salvo in the “TO ruined the Bills” story that Ed Werder will file from Foxboro, Massachussetts after that first road game, we’ll know it began here — on March 12, 2009 — with a bullet from ESPN.

The actual headline:  Hardy to switch to No. 84

The story:

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — For Bills fans filling out their programs: Yes, folks, T.O. will be No. 81.

The Buffalo Bills said Thursday that newly signed receiver Terrell Owens will be getting his familiar number, and that second-year receiver James Hardy will be switching to No. 84.

Hardy, the team’s second-round draft pick out of Indiana last year, wore No. 81 during his rookie season.

It’s unclear whether Hardy will be compensated by Owens to switch numbers. In the past, veteran players joining new teams have been known to pay for or provide compensation for the right to switch numbers.

Owens has worn No. 81 throughout his NFL career, but wore No. 80 in college at Tennessee-Chattanooga.

The significance of this is that proves, once again, that the BUSINESS MODEL of the website is based on using inflammatory “headline” links that incite a mostly white fan base to click through to stories about Black athletes.  The business model does not apply to misbehaving white athletes.  In fact, the blogger MODI has developed a veritable store of posts on ESPN’s “white pass.”   I can’t say what the ESPN morons have been saying on the boob tube, but with respect to the online modus operandi, this little lead headline constitutes the first strike.

This is the strike that 30-something Angry White Men all over America will remember when they discuss how Owens immediately alienated teammates in Buffalo.  In fact, they’ve already started.  Check out the comment section.  They’ll cite ESPN and say he angrily demanded that he be given HIS number and that the Bills caved to his demands.  ESPN said so.  It’s gotta be right.  Right?


The seed has been planted.

seed of hate


  1. yes, the seed has been planted temple…

    ESPN always gives itself away in its titling of stories. Usually they have two titles: The article’s title and the link on the front page. both are usually pretty bad

  2. Here’s a question for you and for d-wil…How many incidents did T.O. have this season where he basically “started some shit.” I’m including sideline stuff (Pittsburgh game), media storms, lockerroom stuff, on field stuff or other?

  3. Also, glad to see you writing more… I guess the kids are growing up a little bit. I’ll be stopping by regularly.

    Even if the entry sucks, it is another excuse to check out that woman’s ass again at the top right. It really doesn’t seem to get old!

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