Arizona Goes “Steelers West”

Cornerback Bryant McFadden signed a two-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals this week.  The indications out of Pittsburgh were that, for all his talents, the team was not willing to pay market value.  McFadden did what was best for him.

From Impaler to Teammate in 2 Short MonthsFrom Impaler to Teammate in 2 Short Months

I’ve been watching McFadden make great plays in the secondary since he was at Florida State.  At 27, he is young enough to add to his legacy.  In partnering with Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, rangy corner-turned-safety Antrel Rolle and Adrian Wilson, McFadden may have just joined the toughest set of DBs in the league.

Kudos to the Cardinals for opening up their wallets and signing a player who should improve their overall performance.

Bryant McFadden earned his spurs with the Steelers.  2 rings – and he earned each one in full measure.  Remember this from the 2005 post-season??  The Colts tried to beat his twice on consecutive plays and he stood tall.  If he loses that battle, the 2005 season ends with the greatest choke in team history and an entirely different legacy for people like Bill Cowher and Jerome Bettis.

Pittsburgh Steelers


  1. I think Dennis Green deserves some credit to for drafting a lot of those players.

    Didn’t he also bring in Kurt Warner?

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