Owens to Buffalo (Mobile Entry)

My first thought was: “This isn’t going to work!” After a bit of reflection, I’m of the mind that the Buffalo Bills signing of Terrell Owens can work. Here’s why:

1. It’s a one year deal. TO usually blows up in the second year.

2. Owens is as good as Moss. Evans is better than Welker. Lynch is better than NE’s RB committee. Brady is better than Edwards. That should make the AFC East interesting.

3. Lee Evans deserves a chance to shine. This is it. Buffalo doesn’t have as many options as Dallas. There’s enough for everyone.

4. Buffalo’s defense signed Marcus Stroud in 2008. They’re solid up the middle and on the edge with McGee and McKelvin. Their special teams can score from anywhere on anyone.

5. Dick Jauron is a professional. That doesn’t mean Owens won’t erupt. It means the team probably won’t lose it’s mind if and when #81 loses his.

6. As a corollary to #5, Jauron may not see eye to eye with Wilson on everything, but he is unlikely to be undermined in public. The Bills tend not to work that way.

7. There are no precedents for worse offensive performance on Owens’ teams.

8. Teams tend to perform better with him on the roster and worse once he’s gone.

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