The African Executive: Kiss My African Ass

The latest swindle out of Africa (Kenya, this time) is a half-assed online journal masquerading as an authentic voice of Africa.

Here is the bullshit they’ve spouted about who they are and what they do:

The African Executive is the market leader in opinion and analysis on Africa’s socio-political and economic development. It features analytical issue-based coverage on Finance and Banking, Investment opportunities in Africa, Technology, Agriculture, Governance, Travel and Entertainment among others. The majority of The African Executive readers are exposed with high affinity to travel and have interest in Africa’s regional, continental and international affairs.The African Executive offers a wide range of opinion and analysis on issues that affect Africa.

Now, that’s some bullshit.  These corny bastards actually copied and pasted my article about Dr. King and tried to act like I “re-posted” my own shit.  It’s the NUMBER ONE article in their FAKE ASS “COMMENTARY SECTION.

Talk about “jack moves”!! —

Those muhphukkas are lucky they’re in Kenya, otherwise it would be Tap-Tap on the door and Tap-Tap on that ass.

Fuck the African Executive.  They need an African Execution.

And stop linkin’ to my shit, bitches!!


  1. Have you contacted the site editors? That might do some good.

    The Nation Media Group did something similar last year, lifting posts from a forum and making it look as though they were letters to the editor. I wrote about it here. The editor eventually got in touch and promised not to do it again after a storm of protest.

    Perhaps you could do the same thing with the AE. You can contact the editors at Good luck, and in the meantimes, I shall spread the word.

  2. Have already started spreading the word – blogged about it and alerted other Kenyan bloggers to it. Will follow up and let them know about James Shikwati. I might drop them an email myself, offering right of reply to my blog posting, to see if they’ll bite.

    Though for all we know the office is run by C&P bots who are only rebooted every third full moon.

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